Add Your Voice to the National Flower Campaign

The Master Gardeners of Ontario began the campaign to have a Canadian national flower and nearly 10, 000 Canadians voted for Cornus canadensis, Bunchberry. A petition has gone to Parliament and a local Toronto MP spoke to it in the House. Now, it’s time for more Canadians to speak up.

Here is a letter that you can copy, customize and send.

M. Trudeau’s email address is

To the Right Honourable Prime Minster Justin Trudeau:

M. Trudeau,

I am supporting the Canadian Master Gardeners in urging the Canadian Government to designate Cornus canadensis as Canada’s National Flower. A petition to this effect was presented in Parliament in December by MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, and was backed by the votes of almost 10,000 Canadians in a nationwide poll in 2017. This native plant, which grows in every province and territory, is known as Bunchberry in English, Quatre-temps in French and Kawiscowimin in Cree.

Native plants have never been at such risk, both in Canada and globally. They are under threat from destruction of wild areas, the spread of non-native invasive plants and the lack of awareness in the general public about the role that native plants play. When you take the time to name something and recognize it, you imbue it with power. The Ontario trillium is a good example of that. Its designation encourages people to both protect the plant in wild populations and plant it in private gardens.

Representing environmental awareness, inclusion, and togetherness, Cornus canadensis can be a new symbol of Canada for the next 150 years. We ask the government to make this announcement official as soon as possible.

With respect and thanks,

Your Name Here.

You can also change the salutation and send to:

Your local MP. Find the correct email address here: Type in your MP’s name and you should be directed to his or her bio page with email contact info on it.

The Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, at

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, at

Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Official Opposition, at

The more letters we send, the greater the chance of being heard. Please also send this email to your gardening friends and family, and encourage them to make noise. Let’s make this happen in 2018!