is there a way of bringing in the geraniums for the winter and making them survive thru the winter to be replanted outside in the summer



There are three ways of overwintering geraniums: potting up the entire plant, taking cuttings and storing the entire plant in paper or a cardboard box in a cool space. The method you choose to use may depend on the amount and type of space you have available to store your plants. I’ve had success with all three methods but my preference is to dig up the whole plant, shake off the dirt and store in a cardboard box in a cool room in my basement. In early spring, I cut them back, pot them up and store in a sunny window till all risk of frost has passed.

This method isn’t fool proof. The plants are semi-dormant and need to be checked occasionally over the winter to ensure the roots aren’t completely drying out. Soak the roots in water for a few hours if required. I also take a few stem cuttings in the fall as back up for this method.

Details of all three methods can be found on the TBG website at the following link:

Good luck with your geraniums!