I currently have cedar trees, bushes, whatever you want to call them along the fence. They are a real pain in the neck, have very shallow roots that make raking difficult, are very difficult to trim with any kind of electric blade, even a chainsaw get clogged up. I would like to dig them all out to get rid of the problem.

I would like to replace them with fully grown hedges 5-6 feet tall, but have not been able to find any place to buy them. Any idea who sells fully grown hedges in Ontario?



Your cedars sound like they are quite large. There are a number of other shrubs that make good hedges, most commonly being yews and privets as well as some lovely shrub roses to name a few.

I am sorry but we cannot recommend specific businesses, however you can check the garden centres listed on the Landscape Ontario website at


You could also google Ontario tree nurseries. Only a few company names will come up at first but  click on” more” at the lower left side and you will get a larger list along with a map. Some do have larger shrubs and trees that may fit your needs.Keep in mind that the larger the plant, the higher the cost.