Plant ID- Coleus


Please advise the full descriptive and botanical names of this plant which I noted during a recent visit to Edwards Gardens. Any help that you can provide will be sincerely appreciated. The plant in question is highlighted with an * in the attached pictures.
Thanks in advance.



Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

The plant in question is Coleus  (Solenostemon scutellairoides ). This plant is a tender perennial treated as an annual in our climate. Coleus can be over-wintered indoors, or cuttings of non-woody stems can be rooted, to save the plant from year to year.  Coleus is available in a large variety of leaf shapes and colours. The particular variety in your photo could be ‘Red Ruffles’. The following link provides a list of over 100 varieites of Coleus:

Coleus  Finder