Re perennials in poor soil


I sent an email re city damage caused by digging on my property. They dug down ten feet and backfilled the whole hole with all sand because it is cheap and does not settle. I doubt that the construction yard would know if the sand was pure, loamy etc. The section was easily 10 feet squared. Then they put two inches of top soil. You recommended soil remediation. I cannot take our four feet of sand on my own. The original soil that was removed did not contain sand or clay. When I originally planted I did remediation with large holes, screened the triple mix, compost, dug in bone meal, backfilled half way, watered, and back filled. My father’s undergrad degree is from Guelphs Landscape Architecture Program. My concern is the City of Toronto Water Department digging massive holes, taking away good soil and backfilling with only sand. There was no discussion about the process or the massive damage to landscaping. They took out Emerald cedars, a globe cedar, a weeping pine, euyonemous, hydrangeas. I cannot replant with the current conditions. As a result I contacted 311 to fix the problem. It is physically impossible for me to remediate that much soil by myself.



Thank you for your note to Toronto Master Gardeners.

Sometimes, interactions with the local municipalities can be trying.

You mentioned your father’s degree in Landscape Architecture so I am sure he is your top adviser on this project. If he suggests that you ask the city for help, I would proceed in that direction.

Contacting 311 is a good first step, perhaps contacting the local Councillor might help. Beyond that, we cannot comment on how the City conducts operations.

All the very best with this issue.