Relocating a Tree in Toronto


Hello, I have a two year-old Turkish Hazelnut Tree that I need to relocate. I am willing to give it away to anyone interested on it, or relocate it to somewhere else. I just don’t know where or whom would accept it. Would you please help me with some suggestions/information?
Thank you



On looking closely at your photo I think it might be a City planted tree or it’s on City property. You really need to determine that because there are some very strict rules for protecting the Cities trees. Furthermore, the Private Tree By-law “regulates injury or removal of privately owned trees which measure 30cm or more in diameter when measured at a height of 1.4 metres above ground level. A permit is required to remove, cut down or in any way injure a tree with a diameter of 30cm or more on private property.”

Your tree may not have reached the size alluded to in the by-law but I would definitely get some clarification before you plan anything further regarding the removal of the tree.

Please visit to learn more or phone the City.

You do not say why the tree has to relocate. Perhaps you feel that this tree will grow to be too large for your front garden, as it can grow up to 50 feet. However, it’s a lovely tree which grows slowly. It has  a dense crown that grows well in the city as well as in suburban gardens and it will provide plenty of shade.