Unknown Unusual Vine


I need the name of this vine. Young plant when bought, but grew up the wire fence and just kept growing and growing along the top of the fence. Produced unusual, green, lantern-like flowers. Never ceased to amaze and never seen for sale since. Died off with coming of winter. Not found on Internet searches. At the time we lived in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Tony.



Thank you for your question, Tony.

Although there is no photo, one of our fellow Master Gardeners wonders whether it might be Cardiospermum, which is also known as ‘Love in a Puff’.  This is an annual vine in our zone, so it would make sense that it died off in the winter, as this plant is not frost-hardy and grows in full sun.  This climber can be grown from seed. I have found a photo of this plant in Wikipedia. I hope this answer helps you.