• Plant ID please

    A neighbour has this wonderful shrub in full blossom even now in mid-November here in Toronto. Can you help me identify it. It is a dense shrub that is just less than 1 foot tall and 1 foot wide. It ...

  • Bringing marigolds inside for the winter

    I was given marigolds at a mother's day event this year, and they have bloomed in outdoor soil. As an annual, do they just die, and need to be replaced with ...

  • Overwintering potted geraniums indoors

    is it possible? I have a east facing cool room with large windows. I have the type of geraniums you buy at Home Depot. The classic red ones. They've done so well outside I live in the beaches. I d like ...

  • Help me to identify this plant

    Hello, Kindly assist me in identifying this plant. Is it an annual or perennial? Can it be grown from seeds?      

  • Over-wintering geraniums

    I'd like to find out how to Over-winter geraniums. I live in Toronto. I think the zone is 5 or 6. I have limited space in the basement.

  • Seeding planting indoor

    I am a teacher and would like to show the process of growing seeds to blooming flowers indoor. Please advise the best choice of seeds that I can show to the students.

  • Strawflower dying please help

    Hi there, I'm really hoping you can help me identify the problem with my strawflower! It was thriving perfectly well all summer, and even as of four weeks ago it looked amazing! ...

  • Hibiscus – Overwintering on Balcony

    I would be most grateful if you could give me advice about caring for my Hibiscus over the winter in Toronto. The plant is on my balcony facing south, mostly dry as there is a roof over balcony. It is in ...

  • Vigna caracalla (Snail vine)

    Dear Master Gardener I would like to purchase Vigna caracalla (Snail vine) for my brother who lives just outside of Sudbury Ontario. Do I purchase the plant or do I need to purchase the seeds? I would greatly appreciate your help ...

  • Painted Tongue

    Would you be kind enough, please, to identify this flower (photo attached) that I saw at Edwards Gardens in July? Thanks very much.

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