• Poppies

    After the flowers die in late spring and the poppy heads dry up with the seeds in them, do next year's flowers come from these seeds falling to the ground? Or do next year's flowers come from the small plants already ...

  • Annuals – particular shape and size

    I'm looking for an annual for Toronto, partial shade and moist heavy soil, with ample, strongly coloured blooms in a low, mound shape. The planting area is at eye level. We tried single begonias this year, but a lower, round ...

  • Novelty Geraniums

    Hello I have done a search in Montreal, and I would like to know, where I can buy novelty geraniums. I have called around to the different garden nursery here in and around Montreal. They do not sell them. And I have been ...

  • Hardy chrysanthemums – for indoors?

    Are the hardy mums available in grocery stores annuals?  Can they be grown indoors

  • Classification of flower

    Hello, I attained seeds from your seed library however it did not make a list of all the seeds i attained. Could you please help in identifying this plant. Thanks

  • Pruning an indeterminate tomato plant

    tomato plant 10 feet tall what to do?

  • Morning glory & pole beans?

    Can the pole bean (Kentucky Wonder) and morning glory plants grow together? Will one choke the other out or are there other cross pollination issues to consider?        

  • Blue Agapanthus

    I am at the lakke in Toronto, my Agapanthus are in pots, the blooms have fallen off., do they rebloom or shall I cut off the heads...what to do once agapanthus lose their blooms?

  • Novelty Geraniums

    Hello I am back looking for the Novelty Geranium.  I asked around the garden nurseries in Montreal, and no such luck, as well as the garden blog that you mentioned to me.  I did email this person, but they did not ...

  • Tuberous Begonia

    Where can I get tuberous begonias in the Toronto area?

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