• impatients

    Will they be available to purchase in 2016? Has the disease been taken care of? Thank You

  • morning glories

    I live in Etobicoke and every year plant 50 Morning Glory plants along my fence. I am situated on a corner lot, north side of the street so they get plenty of sun facing south + sandy soil. Please advise as to ...

  • Deep Carmine Baby’s Breath

    What is the level of difficulty growing Deep Carmine Baby's Breath (Gypsophila elegans) from seed?  Zone 6b

  • Overwintering snapdragons

    I bought a box of snapdragons 3 years ago and wonder how to overwinter again this year. They have continued to flourish and even grow in some of the cracks of my stonework. Marian    

  • Amaryllis

    My plants have lots of leaves but no flowers, what can I do?

  • Plant ID please

    A neighbour has this wonderful shrub in full blossom even now in mid-November here in Toronto. Can you help me identify it. It is a dense shrub that is just less than 1 foot tall and 1 foot wide. It ...

  • Bringing marigolds inside for the winter

    I was given marigolds at a mother's day event this year, and they have bloomed in outdoor soil. As an annual, do they just die, and need to be replaced with ...

  • Overwintering potted geraniums indoors

    is it possible? I have a east facing cool room with large windows. I have the type of geraniums you buy at Home Depot. The classic red ones. They've done so well outside I live in the beaches. I d like ...

  • Help me to identify this plant

    Hello, Kindly assist me in identifying this plant. Is it an annual or perennial? Can it be grown from seeds?      

  • Over-wintering geraniums

    I'd like to find out how to Over-winter geraniums. I live in Toronto. I think the zone is 5 or 6. I have limited space in the basement.

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