• Hardy chrysanthemums – for indoors?

    Are the hardy mums available in grocery stores annuals?  Can they be grown indoors

  • Classification of flower

    Hello, I attained seeds from your seed library however it did not make a list of all the seeds i attained. Could you please help in identifying this plant. Thanks

  • Pruning an indeterminate tomato plant

    tomato plant 10 feet tall what to do?

  • Morning glory & pole beans?

    Can the pole bean (Kentucky Wonder) and morning glory plants grow together? Will one choke the other out or are there other cross pollination issues to consider?        

  • Blue Agapanthus

    I am at the lakke in Toronto, my Agapanthus are in pots, the blooms have fallen off., do they rebloom or shall I cut off the heads...what to do once agapanthus lose their blooms?

  • Novelty Geraniums

    Hello I am back looking for the Novelty Geranium.  I asked around the garden nurseries in Montreal, and no such luck, as well as the garden blog that you mentioned to me.  I did email this person, but they did not ...

  • Tuberous Begonia

    Where can I get tuberous begonias in the Toronto area?

  • Rose Bud Geranium where can I find one of these geraniums in all of Canada ?

    Hello I am from Montreal, and I would like to buy one of these very beautiful Geraniums : Called the Rose Bud of Apple Blossom Geranium. I have called different nurseries. Here in Montreal, but they do not carry these. So ...

  • Allelopathy of sunflower plant itself

    I have been trying to do some research about the allelopathy of sunflowers. I read a helpful response from one of the master gardeners who was replying to a person that had a birdfeeder and sunflower hulls would drop beneath ...

  • Ornamental Potato Vines

    I have been finding is hard to find a garden retailer that sells ornamental potatoe vines. Do you know of any place I can get these on a more regular basis?

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