• RE: Zinnias Tall Varieties

    Hello, I can't seem to find the Zinnia tall varieties anywhere in Toronto. Is there still time to plant them from seed (if I don't find any plants)...If you happen to know a place who sells the tall varieties, I would ...

  • Is Nicotiana Safe For Pollinators?

    Is Nicotiana safe for pollinators? Everyone seems to be asking the question on line because of the danger of neonicotinoids but no one seems to have the answer. Also - I have recently heard that many annuals are treated with neonicotinoids. How ...

  • Trailing Geraniums

    Hi there! I've been looking for pink and red potted trailing geraniums, but haven't been able to find them. Do you know where I could purchase them?  

  • Stars of Bethlehem

    Recently I bought a pot of Stars of Bethlehem (orange) as an indoor plant. It has finished flowering and the leaves seem to be withering. Please advise if I can plant the bulbs outdoors, if they can survive the cold ...

  • tomato plant leaves curling

    Hello. I started my tomato plants inside my house about 4 weeks ago. I moved them from under my lamp to beside my patio window to acclimatize them. The ...

  • wilting bougainvillea

    My Bougianvillea wilts in the sun. third floor apartment patio full sun for about 4-6 hours potted plastic container sits on a table I water when needed but not too much fertilize once every 2 months in the summer I've had the plant for about 1 yr. It's ...

  • Murraya Koenigii

    Hi, I am looking a Murraya Koenigii (curry leaf )plant or seeds. Please tell me where i can get. I am looking from long time. Please i appreeciate if response to my request. Thanks

  • Annuals for Planters in dry, windy conditions

    I have dry and windy conditions. I would like suggestions for annuals for planters. The planters are deep and 2-3 feet across.    

  • Planting in June

    Hi there, I've been living overseas for some time and will be back home in Ontario and not working for the whole summer. I'm keen to spend it in my family's garden at the cottage in Kingston as it's not seen ...

  • Please help me identify the attached plant

    The attached flowering plant is supposed to attract butterflies.  Can you assist in naming it for me?

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