• Can you help me identify this plant

    A friend found this while working at the Scarborough bluffs can anyone help me with the common or botanical name please.    

  • Succulents and cacti outside

    I have a succulent cinder garden outside in my backyard, here in Markham, ON. I'm wondering whether I should leave some of them outside through the winter or do I have ...

  • Castor oil plant

    Do you know any stores in Toronto that sell seeds from the castor oil plant?

  • Out of luck with impatiens

    I wish I had read this before purchasing my impatiens. I've always had success with them and as one side of our house is totally shade, bought 6 trays of them and planted them. Of course I lost them all to ...

  • Mystery beautiful flowers

    Hi, I hope you can help me with the below, I got seeds of the below flower plant from my neighbor 3 years ago and I been planting them from seeds every spring, don't know their name. any additional information will ...

  • How deep should I plant sunflower seeds?

    How deep should I plant sunflower seeds?

  • Plants for a new flower bed

    Hi, I am a volunteer at a community organization in Toronto and we are looking into creating a small flower bed on the property. I was just wondering what types of flowers, or other plants you could recommend that we ...

  • Am I dealing with aphids correctly?

    I am the horticulturalist  at a golf club. This year, our annuals are covered with aphids. I have sprayed with insecticidal soap. Is this right? or is there something else I should be doing?  

  • Does this Coleus exist in our space/time continuum?

    Hello, I have grown to love Coleus plants the past few years mainly due to their great performance in shade and all the new varieties becoming available. I found this fantastic ...

  • Growing from seeds

    Very accidentally I got my hands on the following seeds: annuals, alpine strawberries and deciduous shrubs. Is my best course of action to grow them inside till the spring?