• Growing from seeds

    Very accidentally I got my hands on the following seeds: annuals, alpine strawberries and deciduous shrubs. Is my best course of action to grow them inside till the spring?

  • Are agapanthus winter hardy?

    Is it possible to plant agapanthus in the garden in a small protected west facing garden in Toronto and leave it in the ground to over winter?

  • What variety of solanum do I have?

    What is the variety of solanum that is trained to be a standard? It has bluish purple or white flowers with orangy yellow stamen. The leaf is lancet and dark green while the ripened fruit turns a light orange. Sorry ...

  • flowering annuals for windy sw balcony?

    Unfortunately I missed your sessions on balcony gardening. Could you please advise what types of flowers would be most likely to succeed on a small balcony near Islington and Bloor. My concern is that we frequently experience high gusty winds, ...

  • Cold Protection for New Plants

    Location: I live near Scarborough Town Center. Question: I purchased some vegetable (Egg plant, bell peppers, sweet peppers, bitter gourd, tomatoes) and flower plants (Dahlias, Peony) and planted outside 3 at the beginning of May since the weather was nice. I ...

  • Poor Performing Impatiens

    I'm a simple gardener happy to plant impatiens in my shady back yard. Several years ago I thought I would "improve" my clay soil by introducing free city compost (available in areas around Toronto) to lighten the soil and add ...

  • Plant ID.

    I would appreciate any information on the plant in the attached image. I have seen it in at least three different colours: Pink, white and blue. Thanks and regards

  • Nicotiana

    Are there 2 different kinds of Nicotiana? Last year when I picked one up in the Spring, it had the most wonderful fragrance wafting through my balcony when I sit out there, especially in the evenings. This year, I bought ...

  • Martha Washington geraniums

    Would you be able to refer me to nursey where i can purchase a matha Washington geranium? I have tried many many seed providers and seed houses with no success. It appears i will need to buy a plant inorder ...

  • Mandevilla

    Hello I have been trying to obtain a Yellow Mandevilla plant which is very common in Mexico and have not had any success. Are they available in Canada ? Thanks