• Frost hardiness of herbs and sunflowers

    1. how long can  sunflowers be left before picking in order to avoid their being killed by frost. 2. how senstive are basil and thyme - when to bring inside.               1.

  • Amaranthus

    I would like to know the name of this red plant, please

  • Over-wintering heliotrope

    How do I over-winter heliotrope in southwest Ontario?

  • Overwintering Geraniums

    I have several hanging baskets of Geraniums that are still outside. I would like to try to keep them until next year. I live in Toronto. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ..Thanks

  • Poppy seeds

    I live in northern Ontario and have some lovely poppies. I plan on moving to southern Ontaro next spring, and would like to takes some seeds with me. It is time to collect them...but then, what do I do. I ...

  • Name of flower (plant)

    Could any anyone help to find out the name of this lovely flower (picture attached). I have never seen it at any nurseries or shops in Toronto. Thanks and best wishes.

  • Named varieties of chrysanthemum

    There used to be a chrysanthemum cultivar named "Mrs Harris". It didn't bloom until after the first frost and lasted a long time. Does anyone know whether it is still possible to get it? It is by now very old ...

  • Can you help me identify this plant

    A friend found this while working at the Scarborough bluffs can anyone help me with the common or botanical name please.    

  • Succulents and cacti outside

    I have a succulent cinder garden outside in my backyard, here in Markham, ON. I'm wondering whether I should leave some of them outside through the winter or do I have ...

  • Castor oil plant

    Do you know any stores in Toronto that sell seeds from the castor oil plant?