• Preparing Amaryllis for Re-Bloom

    Getting Amaryllis 'Papillion' to rebloom My A. "papillion' has been out of the ground now (where it was planted for summer strengthening) for approx. 4 weeks and waiting in an an unheated garage for repotting at the right time. I did ...

  • Geraniums

    is there a way of bringing in the geraniums for the winter and making them survive thru the winter to be replanted outside in the summer

  • Grasses

    Can you tell me the name of this grass

  • Flower ID

    Can you tell me what the names of these flowers are please? Thank you _______________________

  • Overwintering Potted Plants

    Last winter my potted flowers / plants actually survived the winter in my backyard. I suspect because it was so mild. What is the best way to protect them this winter? Put them in my garage? If I ...

  • Plant ID- Coleus

    Please advise the full descriptive and botanical names of this plant which I noted during a recent visit to Edwards Gardens. Any help that you can provide will be sincerely appreciated. The plant in question is highlighted with ...

  • Difference between Marshmallow and Hollyhock

    What is the difference between marshmallow and hollyhock? I found the pink flowering plant (photo attached), which I think may be a marshmallow, but I'm not sure. Is it a marshmallow or a hollyhock and how can one tell the ...

  • Mystery Plant

    Can you identify this plant? It grows on a single, thick, green stalk, stands six feet tall and has begun to flower into what looks like a trumpet flower. Its leaves are large (12 inches plus) and maple shaped.

  • Annuals for Hot Dry Locations

    An annual, less than 2 feet, for hot, dry, windy conditions. Prefer a native north american plant, Canada, USA, or Mexico, but, South America would be OK, too.  

  • Papaver Seeds

    I'm looking for papaver poppy seeds, where can l get it l leave in Mississauga