• Cleaning Cut Flowers

    I was wondering if you had any tip on how to get cut flowers "clean" of small insects before getting into the house. I'm lucky enough that a neighbour let's me cut a few of her beautiful peonies and lilacs ...

  • Begonia Wightii and Begonia Cracklin Rosie

    Hi Toronto Master Gardeners, Do you know where I could find Begonia Wightii and Begonia Cracklin Rosie in the GTA? Thanks! Regards, Henny.

  • My Fuchsia is Dying

    My fuchsia is dying and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I water it once a week, it never sits in water. It’s on the western side of the house getting indirect light. I’ve noticed some white bugs, mold? ...

  • Annuals for Total Shade Containers

    Our condo building in Hamilton has two 20” planters at our front entrance which we plant out with annuals. These planters are on the north side, under an overhang, in total shade. They're also subject to strong winds. The soil ...

  • Preparing Amaryllis for Re-Bloom

    Getting Amaryllis 'Papillion' to rebloom My A. "papillion' has been out of the ground now (where it was planted for summer strengthening) for approx. 4 weeks and waiting in an an unheated garage for repotting at the right time. I did ...

  • Geraniums

    is there a way of bringing in the geraniums for the winter and making them survive thru the winter to be replanted outside in the summer

  • Grasses

    Can you tell me the name of this grass

  • Flower ID

    Can you tell me what the names of these flowers are please? Thank you _______________________

  • Overwintering Potted Plants

    Last winter my potted flowers / plants actually survived the winter in my backyard. I suspect because it was so mild. What is the best way to protect them this winter? Put them in my garage? If I ...

  • Plant ID- Coleus

    Please advise the full descriptive and botanical names of this plant which I noted during a recent visit to Edwards Gardens. Any help that you can provide will be sincerely appreciated. The plant in question is highlighted with ...