• Difference between Marshmallow and Hollyhock

    What is the difference between marshmallow and hollyhock? I found the pink flowering plant (photo attached), which I think may be a marshmallow, but I'm not sure. Is it a marshmallow or a hollyhock and how can one tell the ...

  • Mystery Plant

    Can you identify this plant? It grows on a single, thick, green stalk, stands six feet tall and has begun to flower into what looks like a trumpet flower. Its leaves are large (12 inches plus) and maple shaped.

  • Annuals for Hot Dry Locations

    An annual, less than 2 feet, for hot, dry, windy conditions. Prefer a native north american plant, Canada, USA, or Mexico, but, South America would be OK, too.  

  • Papaver Seeds

    I'm looking for papaver poppy seeds, where can l get it l leave in Mississauga

  • Gladioli Without Buds

    I planted these Gladiolus since end of April. There are no flower buds and the leaves stop growing. Also there are so burnt and brown marks at the tips of some leaves. Not sure what's going on with my Gladiolus.

  • Sun and Watermelon

    Hello, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. 1) Is there any device I can buy that will tell me the amount of sun individual spots in my garden get (I am not home most of the ...

  • Fragrant Nicotiana

    Hello! I live in Markham, ON and I am looking to buy the fragrant Nicotiana or Jasmine Tabaco. Would you know a place that sells the small plants? the summer evenings are not the same without their beautiful scent. Thank you ...

  • Marigolds as Ant repellent?

    Is there any scientific proof that marigolds act as an ant(insect) repellent? I’m asking since ants tend to crawl into the home, since the flower garden is close to the house.  With high maintenance roses, along with other plants, adding ...

  • Dying Begonias

    I have the large variety of begonias and planted dozens of plants. In different pots, outdoor terrace. One-by-one something is destroying the stem close to the earth and an otherwise beautiful, healthy-looking plant just falls over with the stem totally ...

  • Overwintering Tender Perennials

    Hello, I would appreciate some advice on how to over winter some perennials I am growing from seed this year.  The 2 that I am most concerned about is a Gaura called "Sparkle white" and a Salvia called "Victoria".  They are ...