• Creeping thyme

    Hi, I live in Niagara and want to plant creeping thyme in the vineyard at the base of the vines. 1. to provide a bee friendly environment and 2. to prevent tall weeds around the vine. It would need to ...

  • Grape Vines in the GTA

    Hi there, where is a good place to purchase grape vines in the Gta? Hoping to get ones that are mature for home growing. Thanks!

  • Placement of climbing vine next to fence

    I have a wooden fence surrounding 2 of the 3 sides of my back garden. The third side is a chain-link fence that is mostly concealed by an evergreen hedge. The only part that is exposed is the last 5 ...

  • Aristolochia macrophylla: Dutchmans Pipe— where to buy?

    Always a recommended Native Vine but I can't find where to buy it. Toronto resident - looked at Connor Nurseries Burlington but doesn't look like they carry it.

  • Vine for crumbling brick wall

    I would like to plant vines that will hold together the crumbling brick at the front of my house in Toronto. Southern exposure, dry clay soil that can be improved, with some shade from 2 large maples.

  • Climbing rose for east-facing fence

    I am looking for a climbing rose that would grow along an east-facing fence in my garden, on the south side of my property.  The fence is made of wood and approximately 5 feet tall, give or take.  I would ...

  • Terrace Container Gardening

    I have a large terrace with NW exposure and is sheltered by a 6 foot wall. The condo is in the Beach area of Toronto so very close to the lake. I am looking to make an empty ...

  • Pruning Wisteria

    It is now late March. Is it too late to prune our Wisteria? It has been in the ground about two years and it bloomed last year for the first time.

  • Plants for a Hedge

    I have 4'x4' posts already cemented and ready for an 8' tall & 56' long wood privacy fence but I've changed my mind about installing a wooden fence. I am very much interested in some type of a living fence ...

  • Where to Buy Clerodendrum thomsoniae

    Do you know if it is possible to buy a Clerodendrum thomsoniae in Toronto?

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