• What type of tree is this?

    Hello, Kindly help me in identifying what type of tree this is? Is it a lilac tree? Thank you

  • Short hardy vine

    My daughter lives in downtown Toronto (Kensington Market area) and has a space 3' by about 13' between a sidewalk and a lattice fence she would like to hide. She is very busy and needs something to plant that needs ...

  • low light indoor climber

    Looking for an indoor plant in our north-facing bathroom. Ideally a climber, but we'd consider a plant that would eventually grow larger. Thank you!

  • Transplanting a Clematis Virginiana

    Hello. I live in Toronto. For years we have enjoyed a beautiful vine that has grown from my neighbor's yard up an electrical pole and onto some wires across our yard. Though it does not sound great it is actually ...

  • Clematis Pruning

    Should I prune back Clemtis to lowest viable bud or highest?

  • Pruning Wisteria

    Do you know of individuals that are versed in pruning wisteria and provide the service for a fee? I have a fairly mature wisteria vine but am convinced that it is not blooming to its capacity due to poor pruning ...

  • Preparing mandevilla to take outside

    To this point, I have successfully overwintered a mandevilla. It was pruned back to encourage a denser plant and additional branches. My question is when do I start fertilizing, the frequency, and strength?

  • Getting my wisteria to bloom

    I have had a wisteria plant for 9 years (and it was a few years old, I believe, when I planted it).  It has always been healthy i.e. lots of growth every year and green foliage.  I have only ever ...

  • morning glories

    I live in Etobicoke and every year plant 50 Morning Glory plants along my fence. I am situated on a corner lot, north side of the street so they get plenty of sun facing south + sandy soil. Please advise as to ...

  • Cross breeding a poisonous and non poisonous plant

    Hi there! I was wondering what would happen if I crossbred, for example, a cherry tomato plant with a nightshade plant etc. Would the outcome be a non poisonous plant or a poisonous plant? I'm quite interested in the result, ...

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