• Protecting old wisteria during renovations

    I have a large wisteria in my backyard that’s over 20 years old - several trunks entwined together in a thick mass - and it blooms beautifully.  How do I protect it during construction?  Should I cut it back to ...

  • Morning glory leaves turning yellow

    I am container gardening on my balcony and the leaves of my morning glory vines are starting off green but slowly mottling to yellow. I’ve been using a standard pesticide.

  • Pruning Clematis, Hydrangea and Emerald Cedars

    Is April too early to prune Jackmani clematis? And I am confused about how to prune Blush Bride Hydrangea. Also I have some small (2 year old) Emerald cedars in my yard. Do I need to water them?