• Honeysuckle

    Do you sell honeysuckle and if you don’t do you know where I can get from?  

  • Multiple Clematis in One Spot?

    Hello from Toronto's East end ( Riverdale ISH area). I have a very sunny yard, sloping southwards and sandy soil... I have had a Dutchman's Pipe and I am taking it out as the roots are creeping all ...

  • Creepy Virginia Creeper

    Hi there, I'm a new homeowner and a new gardener, and apparently also the new owner of a very robust virginia creeper, growing all over a chain link fence in our backyard. I tried pulling it all out twice last year, ...

  • Purchasing Seedless Grapes (GK)

    Where can I purchase seedless grapevines for a home garden in Norfolk County, Southern Ontario?

  • Climbing Roses

    We have a very tall arbor. We'd like a pink, thornless, blooming all summer and vigorous climber rose.  Any recommendations?

  • Vines for purchase in Toronto

    Hi there. I was wondering if you know of any places in Toronto where I can buy grapevines for planting? Secondly, could take a cutting from a neighbours grapevine and a plant that? Thanks so much

  • When to Plant Grapes and what type

    I would like to plant a new Grape Vine in my backyard.  Can you please advise when is the best time to plant a new Grape Vine?  and, What is the best type of Grape Vine to plant in Toronto?

  • Clematis- Like Yellow Flower

    I have Clematis and they are purple and blue colors.  I want to mix them with yellow flowers.  Is there any yellow flower like Clematis.  I have a pole and they are rounding around the pole nicely but would be ...

  • Climbing Plant

    Hello, I live in Markham and I'd like to cover a brick wall with a flowering climbing plant. The wall is south facing and is in the sun all day! Ideally, I'd like a plant that won't lose its leaves in the ...

  • Backyard Trees Infestation

    I have Apple,Pear,Cherry and grape vines.They all get infected early in the spring with black spot,scab...? The leaves on the pears get spots they later turn brown and entire branches die out.the leaves on the grape vine they grow clasters ...