• Best Privacy Coverage against a Fence

    We live east of Toronto, our backyard faces North and we get sun from noon to sunset. Our yard is bordered by 3 separate properties and each house has a raised porch, meaning the homeowners walk out their ...

  • clematis and hydrangea

    Hi I have clematis stem reached like 12 feet. This year, so far, it look dead. The other stems changed to green or maybe new one took over so I can not tell. My question, should I cut the ...

  • Best Vines For Deep Shade

    Best vine for Deep shade , moist soil and frozen in winter. Unlikely to freeze and thaw. Is red wall Virginia creeper a possibility? I have a large fence to cover. Can anything survive? If you come up with anything please ...

  • Clematis and Honeysuckle

    Good morning. I am planning to plant several clematis on the trellis on the left side of the deck, for the longest blooming season I can create! I am hoping that they will be happy with lower ...

  • Honeysuckle

    Do you sell honeysuckle and if you don’t do you know where I can get from?  

  • Multiple Clematis in One Spot?

    Hello from Toronto's East end ( Riverdale ISH area). I have a very sunny yard, sloping southwards and sandy soil... I have had a Dutchman's Pipe and I am taking it out as the roots are creeping all ...

  • Creepy Virginia Creeper

    Hi there, I'm a new homeowner and a new gardener, and apparently also the new owner of a very robust virginia creeper, growing all over a chain link fence in our backyard. I tried pulling it all out twice last year, ...

  • Purchasing Seedless Grapes (GK)

    Where can I purchase seedless grapevines for a home garden in Norfolk County, Southern Ontario?

  • Climbing Roses

    We have a very tall arbor. We'd like a pink, thornless, blooming all summer and vigorous climber rose.  Any recommendations?

  • Vines for purchase in Toronto

    Hi there. I was wondering if you know of any places in Toronto where I can buy grapevines for planting? Secondly, could take a cutting from a neighbours grapevine and a plant that? Thanks so much