• Virginia Creeper

    As discussed by phone here are photo's of our Virginia Creeper showing what we believe to be a fungus problem. Please confirm that that you suspect that this is fungus and also whether you see any other problems in addition ...

  • Unknown Type of Clematis Pruning

    My daughter moved into a house last fall with a huge clematis on the southwest wall of the garage. There were no signs of bloom. We didn't prune it as we didn't know the type. This year it did not ...

  • Killing a Trumpet Vine

    I had planted a trumpet vine 2 years ago and then moved it to a new location last year. I noticed that the vine has popped up again in the original location and several feet away. I need to destroy ...

  • Flower ID

    Can you tell me what the names of these flowers are please? Thank you _______________________

  • Overwintering and Pruning

    I want to overwinter a passion flower vine and a mandevilla plant in a dormant state. Should I prune them first? If so, how severely should I prune them and do you have any tips to ensure success? Thank ...

  • Hyacinth Vines + Seed Collection

    I planted some hyacinth vines in my garden this year and they are now producing seed pods. Do I pick those pods now and dry them indoors or wait until they wither on the vine ?

  • Small Balls on Boston Ivy Leaves

    I'm growing Boston ivy, and these small white balls have appeared on the underside of some of the leaves. Should I be concerned?

  • Trumpet Vine, Wild Grape, Climbing Hydrangea

    I have 3 vines I would ideally like to remove or at least reduce as much as possible. How do I prune without encouraging too much growth? Zone 6 (close to the bluffs on lake Ontario), soil is clay 1) trumpet vine ...

  • Out of Control Raspberry Canes

    A portion of our yard is overgrown with raspberry canes which I tried pulling (roots and all) but they persist. We have an abundance if periwinkle on the property and my question is, might pulling the canes once more and planting ...

  • Pruning Wisteria

    would you please advise me when to prune wisteria and how much to prune. I have had this plant for years and it seems to have about 2 blooms per year now.