• Grass overtaking my rooftop garden plot

    I live in Vancouver and have access to a plot on our rooftop garden in my building. Last year was my first year (and I'm a very beginning gardener). ...

  • Edema causing damage to leaves of Curry Tree

    I keep killing Curry Tree plants by keeping roots too wet which leads to Edema. Can you please detail a soil mix that will help with water drainage.

  • Balcony Garden

    Hello, I live in Toronto and have a very large balcony (5' x 20') that I am determined to make into a successful garden. Unfortunately, last summer was my first year attempting to garden, and I made some mistakes that ...

  • Plant Identification

    Hello, Kindly help me in identifying this plant? Is this a house plant? May I keep it outside during the summer? When does it normally bloom? Thank you.  

  • Overwintering Soil Amendments

    As I was assessing my collection of winter ice melters, and salt, I noticed I have some fertilizer left. I have 25 litres of compost, as well as 5 litres of promix and a couple of litres of potting mix. Will ...

  • Benefits of Clear vs Diffused Covering for a Greenhouse?-Infoline Question

    I would like to know what is the benefit of using clear versus diffused plastic covering on a greenhouse.

  • Lemon Tree Care

    I have a lemon tree that I've started from seed. It's just about to turn 5 yrs old and I'm looking for ways to speed or encourage flowering and fruiting. Any advice on fertilizers, pruning or any other tips that will ...

  • Sedum morganianum

    Where would I be able to purchase Sedum morganianum (donkeys tail) in or around Toronto?

  • Italian Honey Fig Tree

    I have an Italian honey fig tree. How do I care for it in the winter time? I understand that they lose all their leaves in winter which is normal. How often should I water this plant and should I ...

  • Purple Glory Problem

    Hi there, About three weeks ago we brought in our purple glory. For a short while it thrived in our atrium then it dropped about 90% of its leaves and now what leaves remain are covered in waxy beads. Please see ...

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