• Vimy Oak

    We have been given a Vimy Oak - one of the small number of seedlings from grand-acorns (offspring) of oaks that used to cover Vimy Ridge in France. After the battle of Vimy Ridge (1917), a Canadian ...

  • Planting Water Lilies

    I have sprouted water lilies from seed, but have not found clay /heavy soil. Please advise what soil and planter to use for indoor water garden.

  • Wintering Agapanthus

    I live in downtown Toronto. I have an agapanthus that is 3-4 years old. Each year it blooms less and less and very late in the season ( my one enormous bloom is starting to die back ...

  • Overwintering Ruellia brittoniana

    Hi. I have grown a ruellia brittoniana/simplex plant in a large pot with ordinary potting soil for two years. In the summer it goes outside in the sun and in the winter I have put it in a ...

  • Overwintering plants

    Hi, I would like to know what to do about these plants over winter. Blackberry - just planted it this summer, will it survive winter? or do I need to dig it out? Lavender - understand that it can survive ...

  • Wintering Topiaries – Toronto

    i wondered about wintering these topiaries - we have 2 plants. at the present time, as you can see from the photos, i planted some flowering plants to give it color during the summer months. My plan ...

  • Over Wintering Cedars in Pots in Toronto Area

    I live in a condo with basement garage lights on 24/7. I have put the potted cedars underneath the lights and am not sure if they might survive for the winter. Would you recommend reducing watering. Also could ...

  • Yews Grown in Containers

    Hi, I live in downtown Toronto. I'm wondering if Hicks Yew can be grown and withstand winter in a free standing planter? The location is a mix of sun and shade.

  • Grow Fruit and Veggies on Condo Balcony

    Hi, My condo balcony is facing northeast and I know i'm limited to certain fruits and vegetables to grow. I want to know what I can grow in my situation thanks

  • Containers on balconies/perennials

    I have a south facing balcony on the 7th floor. Is it possible to have perennials in pots and successfully overwinter them? and if so, which ones are best suited for this purpose?

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