• Hypertufa

    I have a hypertufa planter with perennials in it. How do I overwinter it?

  • Invasive Roots in Garden beds

    Hi there, I have moved into a new house last winter and was eager to get the garden going. I built five raised garden beds and filled them with quality triple mix. While some plants thrived, others - like all varieties ...

  • Grafted Gardenia

    Does anyone know where I can buy a GRAFTED gardenia in Canada? Or if I can order one from the US online and have it shipped to Ontario?

  • Canna lilies (I think they are called)

    Hello, I purchased some planters this summer that contained some canna lilies (I think that is what they are called). Please see attached photo. I would like to know the following: 1. When the flowers die, should I deadhead them? I did ...

  • Planting perennials in root bound soil

    I have a small back yard that is surrounded by lots of trees. Even perennials such as hosta are doing poorly. Do you recommend that I plant them in pots in the soil with room for the roots to grow ...

  • Hibiscus pruning

    l have 20 year old hibiscus tree which is now 8 ft tall, hitting the ceiling. If I cut the trunk in half or leave the trunk only 10" will it survive? Please advise. Many thanks.

  • When to prune a Hibiscus

    I have 2 tropical hibiscus plants that I put outside in the summer and bring in the house for the winter. This summer they have been very happy and have more than doubled in size. They are each about 3 ...

  • Tiger eyes sumac

    Can I plant it in a pot then and then plant the pot and sumac into my garden, and if I can what size pot ?

  • Golden creeping jenny and gaura lindheimeri (pink cloud)

    The creeping jenny are in containers in a fence bracket & they beautifully trail down at least 3 ft - do I cut these trails off to the soil level before storing the containers undercover for the winter? The lindheimeri is ...

  • Plastic potted perennials

    I will be purchasing plastic potted perennials from the garden center this fall on sale for a new spring garden not yet completed. How to I over winter these plants in their pots, in a shed, left in their pots ...

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