• Ferns on a balcony

    Which ferns would grow well on an east-facing balcony with about 1 hour of morning sunlight? I would like to plant several different varieties for maximum visual impact. Could they survive winter?

  • wilting bougainvillea

    My Bougianvillea wilts in the sun. third floor apartment patio full sun for about 4-6 hours potted plastic container sits on a table I water when needed but not too much fertilize once every 2 months in the summer I've had the plant for about 1 yr. It's ...

  • Where to Purchase Organic Ginger and Tumeric

    I have searched high and low. Do you know where I can buy tumeric rhizomes to grow in containers. I am in Toronto? What about organic ginger (I am afraid of trying to plant the imported supermarket variety).

  • Annuals for Planters in dry, windy conditions

    I have dry and windy conditions. I would like suggestions for annuals for planters. The planters are deep and 2-3 feet across.    

  • Kalanchoe

    I have been successful in growing and blooming kalanchoe from cuttings but they grow tall. How do I make it grow shorter and compact with more branches? These are ones I planted last summer and have been sitting in my ...

  • Balcony Garden

    I have a balcony facing east, there is no roof on the balcony. I would like colourful flowers and perhaps grow some vegetables. Is this possible with morning sun and afternoon brightness and some indirect sun?

  • Canna Lily Bulbs

    I live with south exposure on Lake Ontario in Bath. I took my Canna Lily bulbs out last fall. When can I plant them in my outdoor planters.

  • Pollinators

    If I am on a 6th floor, my balcony is enclosed with a bird mesh, I cannot expect flowers for a second season can I, as there are no pollinators arriving inside the mesh to sit on my plants? My ...

  • Karapincha or Murraya koenigi plant

    Hi I have just purchased at a cost of $35 including shipping from Quebec, a small Murraya koenigi plant (curry leaf plant JW). I want to buy soilless potting mix to repot at the end of summer. I live in ...

  • Wall Garden

    Hello, Wonder if you can help me to build a wall garden like the one I saw last week at Allan Gardens. It was in one of the side rooms and planted with sedums, mostly hen & chicks variety. Thanks,

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