• Soil removal area

    Small Downtown backyard. Want to fill with limestone and gravel, so that paving stones are placed, and have potted plants. Would like to know who can take soil. Have tried the bin or bag method, however lane way cannot be interrupted for a ...

  • Stars of Bethlehem

    Recently I bought a pot of Stars of Bethlehem (orange) as an indoor plant. It has finished flowering and the leaves seem to be withering. Please advise if I can plant the bulbs outdoors, if they can survive the cold ...

  • balcony gardening

    My balcony is north facing and shaded by other buildings so there's not much I can plant there. I'd like to put a couple of trees in tubs. Can you suggest varieties that can stand the lack of sunlight and ...

  • Ferns on a balcony

    Which ferns would grow well on an east-facing balcony with about 1 hour of morning sunlight? I would like to plant several different varieties for maximum visual impact. Could they survive winter?

  • wilting bougainvillea

    My Bougianvillea wilts in the sun. third floor apartment patio full sun for about 4-6 hours potted plastic container sits on a table I water when needed but not too much fertilize once every 2 months in the summer I've had the plant for about 1 yr. It's ...

  • Where to Purchase Organic Ginger and Tumeric

    I have searched high and low. Do you know where I can buy tumeric rhizomes to grow in containers. I am in Toronto? What about organic ginger (I am afraid of trying to plant the imported supermarket variety).

  • Annuals for Planters in dry, windy conditions

    I have dry and windy conditions. I would like suggestions for annuals for planters. The planters are deep and 2-3 feet across.    

  • Kalanchoe

    I have been successful in growing and blooming kalanchoe from cuttings but they grow tall. How do I make it grow shorter and compact with more branches? These are ones I planted last summer and have been sitting in my ...

  • Balcony Garden

    I have a balcony facing east, there is no roof on the balcony. I would like colourful flowers and perhaps grow some vegetables. Is this possible with morning sun and afternoon brightness and some indirect sun?

  • Canna Lily Bulbs

    I live with south exposure on Lake Ontario in Bath. I took my Canna Lily bulbs out last fall. When can I plant them in my outdoor planters.

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