• Small and Pale Anouk Lavender Flowers (Lavendar Stoechas)

    Hello! I live in Toronto and I bought a potted Anouk lavender last month from a superstore garden center. The plant had darker and bigger flowers when we bought it, but now the new buds and flowers appear ...

  • Weeping Pussy Willow Tree

    I live in a downtown Toronto highrise, 11th floor, facing South -- so lots of light and sun. I bought a Weeping Pussy Willow tree (15 inches tall) about 6 weeks ago. I kept it indoors initially and ...

  • Growing Trilliums Indoors

    I wish to try and grow Trilliums indoors in containers and want to get advice on the best way to do this. I have some growing in my backyard under a red maple tree in a very dark, ...

  • Wilting Hanging Flowering Plant

    My parents recently bought a hanging flowering plant from Costco wholesale, but over the two days that they were gone, it wilted completely. Is it because they didn’t water it? We just thought it was strange because it was only ...

  • Tree Fern

    Saw a show from the UK "Escape to the Country" They had a magnificent row of very tall tree ferns. Can we grow them here or in PEI? Many thanks for your helpl

  • Raised Vegetable Garden Beds Covered by Moss

    Hi, I have been growing vegetables in largish raised beds for about 15 years in north Caledon. Several of the beds grew masses of moss last year and they are still there after the winter. Should I just ...

  • Please Help Identify this Plant

    I'd like to know what is the name of the plant with the red leaf. This is part of an arrangement at Bay and Dundas. The plant produce a wonderful fragrance when ever I pass by.

  • Emerald Cedar Tree

    How can I revive this emerald cedar tree?  I repotted it last summer.  I left it on my balcony throughout the winter.  As you can see it’s a bit dry now.

  • Delosperma Species – Yellow Ice Plant

    I just read about Yellow Ice Plant.  I read they grow in California. I read that it can live in zone 3-9.  My question is - do you think it will be ok to plant it in Toronto? Any ...

  • Stevia Plant

    Where can I buy a stevia plant in the GTA?