• fiddleheads

    I would like to grow edible fiddleheads in my north-facing partial sun plot. Please advise where could I find/purchase/forage seedlings of ostrich fern in an attempt to grow and harvest fiddleheads? Thank you :)

  • Soil for container gardening (Jean)

    Good Morning, After a weekend of getting my container garden all set up I am fearful I have used the wrong soil! I used Vigoro 3 in 1 Garden mix.....a blend of Humus, compost and Canadian Sphagnum peat ...

  • Using a Tulip bed for growing vegetables

    As I know, the leaf of the tulip is poisonous. Is it safe to grow vegetables with tulips in the same bed.

  • Loquat Tree

    Hi Where can I buy loquat Tree in Durham region near Toronto and is this (mid May) a good time to plant it?

  • Concerning Tomato Plants

    How many egg shells per tomato plant

  • Tomatoes

    I am in Toronto and need help planning my "tomato patch" I have a slightly raised bed in full sun, approx 4' x 15' Improved soil and good drainage What is optimum number of (staked) tomatoes What spacing should I use If I ...

  • Raised Vegetable Garden Beds Covered by Moss

    Hi, I have been growing vegetables in largish raised beds for about 15 years in north Caledon. Several of the beds grew masses of moss last year and they are still there after the winter. Should I just ...

  • Apple Scab on my Flowering Crab Tree?

    Last year our flowering crab tree looked beautiful, as usual, when the flowers opened in mid May. The leaves came on afterwards as always, but in late June the leaves turned yellow and brown and by mid July ...

  • Cherry Tree -Black Knot

    My cherry tree has a big knob on one of the branches I was wondering what it is. It is in full sun. We have clay soil. I think we are in zone 5 here in Schomberg ...

  • Rubber Tire Pellet Mulch

    We bought a house this past winter and just moved in a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend, we finally started working in our yard. To our horror, we realized that the landscaped garden was covered in brown rubber ...

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