• Ornametal Cabbage- Infoline

    Are ornamental cabbages and kale edible?    

  • tomato plant leaves curling

    Hello. I started my tomato plants inside my house about 4 weeks ago. I moved them from under my lamp to beside my patio window to acclimatize them. The ...

  • Growing seeds indoor, Transplanting

    How many times do you transplant young seedlings like Swiss chard and little gem lettuce. They have been transplanted once and seem to need transplanting again

  • Tomato blight

    Does tomato blight overwinter in the soil? We planted tomatoes in a bag of potting soil, they produced beautiful fruit, but then blight set in. Can we reuse these bags of soil?

  • Murraya Koenigii

    Hi, I am looking a Murraya Koenigii (curry leaf )plant or seeds. Please tell me where i can get. I am looking from long time. Please i appreeciate if response to my request. Thanks

  • Where to Purchase Organic Ginger and Tumeric

    I have searched high and low. Do you know where I can buy tumeric rhizomes to grow in containers. I am in Toronto? What about organic ginger (I am afraid of trying to plant the imported supermarket variety).

  • Grapes and dwarf fruit varieties

    I am looking for varieties of fruits to plant in my garden. would you be able to tell me the good varieties (names) for each fruit that I have given below. I live in Northern Scarborough. (I am NOT asking ...

  • Planting in June

    Hi there, I've been living overseas for some time and will be back home in Ontario and not working for the whole summer. I'm keen to spend it in my family's garden at the cottage in Kingston as it's not seen ...

  • Plant ID – Woodland strawberry

    It is in a pot in normal potting soil; climate is Alberta zone 3, I think, with morning shade and afternoon sun. It came back from winter last year but I don't know if it is a weed or a ...

  • Growing strawberries for the first time!

    Hello! Novice gardener and newbie strawberry grower here! I purchased some everbearing strawberry plants which came 25 plants packed into a burlap sack. I live in London, Ontario, and, as there is still snow on the ground, I am unable ...

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