• fig trees

    I have a mission fig planted in a container that has been wintered over 2 years in dormancy indoors. In summer it sits out in south sun. Unfortunately it has not fruited. What are the optimal conditions for it & ...

  • Perennials

    How do I help small lavender and winter savory survive Toronto winter? Thank you.

  • Cherry tree pruning

    So I have these two small cherry trees that I planted, into a very small garden, when we bought our house over a decade ago. With the idea to try my hand at espalier. (Yes, I know, not one of ...

  • White and black flies

    I bought a tomato plant about a month ago. Recently, I have seen some black and white flies around my plant. The plant has some flowers as well. is it normal? what should i buy to get rid of them?

  • How to save cherry tree

    Cherry tree, planted last fall, did not survive the harsh winter of Ottawa and almost died. Now, in July, some healthy shoots are growing nicely from around the root stock, see image. The top of the original trunk is dead. ...

  • Wilted leaves on tomato plant with brown patches

    I have an organic heirloom yellow taxi tomato that has developed yellowing on the leaves, with brown spots in the parts that are yellowed. The leaves also seem to be curled ...

  • Bio weed and feed

    There are tons of weed on my vegetable patch, and our backyard is infested with mosquito for me to work outside long enough to do too much weed pulling. is it safe to use lawncare product, Bio weed and feed to ...

  • Buying a cherry tree – how to and where?

    I would like to purchase a cherry tree for my garden. Where can I buy one and what should I look for?

  • What vegetables can I plant in July?

    I have a plot in a community garden in Toronto and want to plant some vegetables (it is now July 20).  Can I plant beets now?  What other vegetables can be planted now?  

  • Wild Plum Identification and Wild Plum Fungal Disease

    We live in the Timmins area up North and we are trying to identify a tree we have growing in our yard. It started growing and now has oddly shaped green puffs and small green fruits with pits growing together ...

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