• Bugs on eggplant

    Do you know how to treat the bug that is only appearing on eggplants?

  • potato plants

    My potato plants were doing very well, then in the past week, one by one, plants are looking like they are wilting or in desperate need of water, yet potato plants right beside them are thriving.  Within one ...

  • Leave tips on my apple trees are dying?

    Leaf tips on my apple trees are dying? And the apples are turning dark brown. I cut off all the dying tips but it just continues on other branches. It’s been about three weeks now since I ...

  • Fruit trees

    I have a 50 acre farm near Penetanguishene Ontario and have cleared 2 acres. It is, or was, a pine forest that was once pasture land. I have planted 120 apple trees; twenty Asian pear trees and a ...

  • black eyed Susans aftercare, plus planting vegetables mid-June

    Should I cut off just the spent Black eyed Susan flowerhead, or take the stem down to the base. Also, is now a good time to plant: dill, squash and beets.

  • Winesap apple tree issues

    Hello, I live in Oshawa, ON. We have good quality top soil here, with mulch on top, and the tree is planted in a backyard with partial shade (sun about 1/2 the day). Tree is watered frequently in ...

  • Worms in Cherry

    Can you please help me ?

  • Overwintering Rosemary

    Can a Rosemary plant in the garden survive winter in Toronto and how to protect it in winter? Thanks.

  • fiddleheads

    I would like to grow edible fiddleheads in my north-facing partial sun plot. Please advise where could I find/purchase/forage seedlings of ostrich fern in an attempt to grow and harvest fiddleheads? Thank you :)

  • Soil for container gardening (Jean)

    Good Morning, After a weekend of getting my container garden all set up I am fearful I have used the wrong soil! I used Vigoro 3 in 1 Garden mix.....a blend of Humus, compost and Canadian Sphagnum peat ...