• Transplanting Beets

    I have a patch of beets that I planted from seed, and I need to relocate some of them, because thay are too crowded. Can I transplant them now, or should I wait until the heat wave is over?    

  • Transparent or Opaque Greenhouse?

    I've researched the difference between transparent and opaque greenhouse coverings on the web and wondering if you agree for my application the transparent covering is better? Here's what I have read: Opaque: mature plants, diffuses and provides more even light, less ...

  • Goldenberries or Gooseberries?

    Are the plants in the picture Golden berries or gooseberries  & are they edible, how do I harvest them? thanks

  • In Search of Vegetable Seedlings

    Hi! I am searching for a place that will potentially sell vegetable seedlings to me this late into the season. I am working on a project to grow some lettuce and kale on my friend's condo balcony. i ...

  • Kale Insects

    I live in north Toronto. Have 8 different kinds of herbs in my backyard garden and all are doing well BUT something is eating the kale really badly. See the attached pictures. Any idea what it is ...

  • My Cherry Tree is Dying

    Dear Sir or Madam, I have a 15 year old Cherry tree in my backyard in Markham, Ontario which is now dying unfortunately. I attached 2 photos of it for your kind attention. One photo shows a sample of ...

  • Overwintering apple tree seedling/sapling

    Hello all, I've tried doing google searches for an answer to my question but have found highly different responses so thought I would ask my question here given the folks responding here are in my area. I live ...

  • Is this rhubarb?

    I have this plant in my backyard garden. could you tell me if it is rhubarb? Is it edable? Thanks a lot.

  • Bugs on eggplant

    Do you know how to treat the bug that is only appearing on eggplants?

  • potato plants

    My potato plants were doing very well, then in the past week, one by one, plants are looking like they are wilting or in desperate need of water, yet potato plants right beside them are thriving.  Within one ...