• Vines for purchase in Toronto

    Hi there. I was wondering if you know of any places in Toronto where I can buy grapevines for planting? Secondly, could take a cutting from a neighbours grapevine and a plant that? Thanks so much

  • When to Plant Grapes and what type

    I would like to plant a new Grape Vine in my backyard.  Can you please advise when is the best time to plant a new Grape Vine?  and, What is the best type of Grape Vine to plant in Toronto?

  • Good Compost for Square Foot Vegetable Gardening

    I have started a “square foot garden”, using soil comprised of 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 compost. This is a well researched approach, and experts suggest mixing compost from 5 different sources to get a well-rounded product (eg, ...

  • Pruning Fruit Trees

    I have apricot, peach and nectarine trees in the back yard and am wondering when to prune them this spring. I live in north Toronto. Thank you, Mary

  • Backyard Trees Infestation

    I have Apple,Pear,Cherry and grape vines.They all get infected early in the spring with black spot,scab...? The leaves on the pears get spots they later turn brown and entire branches die out.the leaves on the grape vine they grow clasters ...

  • Aphid Prevention Sour Cherry Tree

    Hi there, We have a large Montmorency cherry tree in our backyard. The summer of 2016 we had a wonderful crop. March 2017 we pruned the tree back significantly to cut down on waste and droppings (rotting cherries all over the ...

  • Markotting

    Hi sir, madam,my question is can i markotting apple tree here in edmonton, if any possible solution that can multifly the apple in my backward, thank you . Alex

  • How Can I Propagate Wild Raspberries?

    How can I propagate wild raspberry plants?  I've heard you have to dig them up, is there another way? I'm planning to pull a branch and dust the tip with rooting hormone, and put it in a pot.    

  • Hardy Peach

    I live in middle England (UK) I have a seedling peach which I discovered growing in my garden last Spring 2017. The plant has stood outside almost 12 months now and has not lost a leaf. It has survived rain, ...

  • Care of Small Citrus Plants

    Have had such great success in the past, but last few seem to have an abundance of fruit when very small,  and present one has lost all its leaves with 4 oranges remaining. Finally cut off oranges, and have used ...