• Possible Infection or Disease on Lettuce

    Hi, I am currently growing a variety of lettuce cultivars aeroponically (indoors, climate controlled) and have noticed some yellowish-brown growth on the topside of the plant and some black dots (around the size of a ball point and smaller) on the ...

  • Cross Breeding Members of Brassica (Cabbage) Family

    Hello! I recently came across an article that said all members of the Cabbage family are able to breed with one another (ie cross breeding Broccoli with Cabbage). I was just wondering if you would be able to confirm this ...

  • Fig Plant in Unheated Tunnel Greenhouse

    Hi, I have a some fig plants in pots in a home made unheated tunnel greenhouse. I have a thermometer inside which went down to -4 degrees Celsius. My greenhouse set up is as follow: Hoop tunnel with cardboard on the inside covered ...

  • Rugosa Rose Hips

    I would like to grow and use rose hips. I have read that in southwestern Ontario Rugosa rose spread creating a nice hedge and provide hips their second year. Can you give me any information (websites for planting and care) ...

  • Bilberry

    Hello, can you tell me where I might purchase fresh bilberries?

  • Slimy Garlic

    I have a customer that has planted garlic for a few years with good results. this year when he pulled the plants the bulb was slimy and rotten. He had planted over 100 cloves and all were rotten except one ...

  • How to Save Butternut Squash Seeds

    Hi I want to save some butternut squash seeds. I have washed and dried them. Should I do anything else before planting?

  • Apple Tree

    At Canada Blooms I was at a booth where they demonstrated fruit grafting and received an 18” scion with a gala apple graft. It grew in a pot over the summer and I was told to plant it in fall. ...

  • Composting Tomato Plants with Blight

    My tomatoes had a lot of blight this year; there were good tomatoes growing right beside diseased ones, which I discarded regularly. Can I compost the rest of the tomato plants? They look okay, no rust, etc. on the leaves. Wanda

  • Grow Me Some Veggies

    I would like to pay someone to turn some seeds I have into veggies for me to eat.