• black eyed Susans aftercare, plus planting vegetables mid-June

    Should I cut off just the spent Black eyed Susan flowerhead, or take the stem down to the base. Also, is now a good time to plant: dill, squash and beets.

  • Winesap apple tree issues

    Hello, I live in Oshawa, ON. We have good quality top soil here, with mulch on top, and the tree is planted in a backyard with partial shade (sun about 1/2 the day). Tree is watered frequently in ...

  • Worms in Cherry

    Can you please help me ?

  • Overwintering Rosemary

    Can a Rosemary plant in the garden survive winter in Toronto and how to protect it in winter? Thanks.

  • fiddleheads

    I would like to grow edible fiddleheads in my north-facing partial sun plot. Please advise where could I find/purchase/forage seedlings of ostrich fern in an attempt to grow and harvest fiddleheads? Thank you :)

  • Soil for container gardening (Jean)

    Good Morning, After a weekend of getting my container garden all set up I am fearful I have used the wrong soil! I used Vigoro 3 in 1 Garden mix.....a blend of Humus, compost and Canadian Sphagnum peat ...

  • Using a Tulip bed for growing vegetables

    As I know, the leaf of the tulip is poisonous. Is it safe to grow vegetables with tulips in the same bed.

  • Loquat Tree

    Hi Where can I buy loquat Tree in Durham region near Toronto and is this (mid May) a good time to plant it?

  • Concerning Tomato Plants

    How many egg shells per tomato plant

  • Tomatoes

    I am in Toronto and need help planning my "tomato patch" I have a slightly raised bed in full sun, approx 4' x 15' Improved soil and good drainage What is optimum number of (staked) tomatoes What spacing should I use If I ...