• Peach trees in winter

    I planted a peach tree last spring - it came through the summer very nicely (we even had some fruit!) and I want to make sure I am properly preparing it for winter. I have wrapped the trunk using plastic tree guards ...

  • Growing carrots

    Any recommendations for success in growing carrot? for a carrot success for my next season? is clay soil not the best for it? And is it necessary to use fertilizer for vegetables? If so, what kind do I need for NPK 10-10-10 ...

  • Rhubarb not growing well

    I transplanted my very vigorous rhubarb patch about 5 years ago and it has been weak and spindly ever since. The bottom leaves yellow off and die. I have added peat and manure and fed the thing but it will ...

  • Damson plum problem

    My two year old damson plum tree has not yet borne any fruit. One of its middle branches has something that looks like barnacles on it. What could this be and how can I get rid of it?

  • Dividing rhubarb

    How do I divide rhubarb?

  • Transplanting raspberries

    Can I transplant current-season raspberry canes in the fall?

  • Transplanting strawberries

    When is the best time to transplant strawberries?

  • When should I move my asparagus?

    When is the best time to transplant asparagus?

  • Thinning plants

    I just threw a bunch of basil seeds into a pot and now I have quite a few little plants poking up. My concern is whether there are too many in one pot.  I’ve done the same thing with my ...

  • Aphids on cilantro

    How can I get rid of the aphids on my cilantro?