• Cedars,pyramidal,

    Two years ago I planted four foot cedars,this spring they are dry And a dull green,help.

  • Privacy Hedge

    Hi, what are the best types of evergreen trees to plant for privacy?..my lot backs onto a school parking lot and currently there is a metal fence installed but I don't haver any privacy. I thought maybe evergreen ...

  • Browing Mature Emerald Cedars

    My emerald cedars are 10 years old and have been doing very well up to this year. There are several that are almost entirely brown and look like they are dying. My soil has a high ph and I started ...

  • Browning Pyramidal Cedars

    My pyramidal cedars are going brown. Can I plant new ones close or will they also turn brown?

  • Lavender

    When is the best time to plant lavender in Durham rregion? What is the best evergreen to pair with it? Can it be planted in the ground outdoors? Thanks for your help.

  • Back and Side Yards

    I have taken several pictures of my backyard, but the Kodak program on my camera is not recognized by my MAC computer, so I will have to send the pictures from my IPad separately. The back yard & ...

  • Cedars or Japanese Yew for Hedge in Shady Area?

    Hi Master Gardener! We are about to have some trees planted in our backyard against the back fence for privacy, and because it is a bit of a shady area (under the canopy of a large Maple tree), we are wondering ...

  • Hedges Dieng Around Driveway

    Greetings, I have been living at a house with hedges (I believe cedar approximately 2.5m tall) going around the parameter of the property for the last three years. Every year the hedges along the driveway appear to be ...

  • Spring Fertilizer

    Hello, can you please advise as to what type of fertilizer that I should be using for Spring? I live in the GTA. Many thanks! Brian

  • Hicks Yew Patchy Brown After Winter

    Hi - please see attached picture of yews. I live in Oakville and although we had a long winter, it hadn't been a really cold winter. My front yard has southern exposure so the sun is always ...