• Potted orchids

    Where in Toronto or GTA could I find stakes and clips for orchids Thank you.

  • Where to buy dwarf jade

    I am in Toronto and looking for a source to get dwarf jade plants. I would ideally like to find a small, young plant or even if I could, get cuttings from an existing plant. I have had absolutely no ...

  • grow lights or fluroscent lights and what to look for

    Hi I live in Toronto and I have some tropical flowering plants and other plants which I want to protect during winter. We have a heated basement with a bathroom which has no windows and I want to make use of ...

  • Slow growing house plants

    I am looking for year round green plants that will thrive inside in front of a window and close to air conditioning and will stay the same size.

  • Failing succulents

    I purchased a collection of succulents in Jan and they were all doing really well until the last week or two. Now each seems to have a different problem. The cactus has white stuff on it. It looks like Mealy ...

  • fig trees

    I have a mission fig planted in a container that has been wintered over 2 years in dormancy indoors. In summer it sits out in south sun. Unfortunately it has not fruited. What are the optimal conditions for it & ...

  • Office Trees

    I am looking to add 3 relatively low maintenance trees (ideally 6 feet in height) to my office.  It faces west.  Any suggestions?

  • Jade Plant

    I have a old jade plant in a west facing window. Gets lots of sunlight. I water when dry , about once every two weeks. Just enough to moisten the soil. The leaves on the top are turning brown. The ...

  • dying leaves; anthurium not blooming

    The plant is 6 - 7 years old. It is lush but the tips of a number of leaves are turning brown followed by the entire leaf turning brown and falling off. I don't see any insects on the plant. ...

  • Orchid Identification

    Wondering if you can identify this orchid, photo attached. Thanks  

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