• Bonsai

    indoor bonsai care in zone 5

  • Watering a Jade Bonsai

    I recently purchased a Bonsai tree that I believe is a jade variety, (it has small round leaves). The leaves are falling off even though they are not turning colour or drying first. I have read conflicting articles about watering. Some ...

  • Starting an indoor vertical garden

    I'd like to start a vertical garden in my apartment.  Ideally I would like edible plants.  I will be using a wall in my kitchen that faces south (but there is a house that blocks the sun most of the ...

  • Plant identification – ZZ plant

    I would like some background on plant shown in attachment.. Thank you for your time.

  • Lemon tree dropping leaves

    I have a lemon tree which is dropping leaves.

  • Pandanus veitchii

    I wrote to you a while ago regarding my Pandanus veitchii plant. It seems to be doing good so far. I have placed it in the corner of my dining room which faces the opposite south side window. I want ...

  • Growing ginger indoors

    Hi, Can I grow ginger indoors in Ottawa?

  • How to Get My Clivia to Bloom?

    I was given a clivia plant as a gift and I think there's a technique I'm supposed to use to get it to rebloom but don't know what it is ... help!  

  • Overwinter Celery fern?

    I have a large celery fern that I moved indoors for the winter. It is not doing well and is making a mess. It is in an 18" pot and has a 3 ft spread. I have limited places to ...

  • What House Plant Is This?

    Hello, just wandering if you could identify this house plant? Hope the three pics went through. Thanx:   

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