• Jade plant sickly

    Hi I have a huge jade that has been doing really well, but recently the leaves started curling and dropping off. I think I overwatered it recently, so am wondering if it got root rot... it's tough to replant as ...

  • Fiddle Leaf

    There are spots on my fiddle leaf and I'm wondering if you can help me figure out what they are from:

  • Bonsai courses

    Hi, Are you offering bonsai courses for this summer? thanks

  • Pandanus Veitchii Plant

    I just wanted to report that my plant is still doing great. It has several shoots (babies). How tall should the shoots be before taking them from the plant to root them? Also, I was thinking that for ...

  • Indoor Plant Identity Cryptanthus

    I have had this plant for a while but do not know its name. It grows then splits apart which I stick in some soil and it continues to grow, flowering occasionally. Thank you

  • Where to buy an Aspidistra plant

    Where can I buy an aspidistra for indoors in Toronto? Thanks

  • Can my avocado be saved?

    My avocado  plant is around 13 feet tall and is around 100 years old - my Grandmother started it.  In the move from Montreal to Toronto about a month ago, it was put in storage for a few days and ...

  • Plant Identification – Schefflera or Avocado?

      I planted the seed for this tree (see attached photo) in a pot many years ago. It stays in a sun room during the winter and in our Toronto back-yard during the summer. I believe ...

  • What is wrong with the lemon tree?

    What s wrong with my lemon tree?

  • Strange growth on plant in same pot as my orchid

    The Cattleya orchid plant I purchased a number of years ago came with a small plant that that strings along with semi-circle leaves. This small plant kept on growing without any problems. But today, to my surprise, I noticed that ...

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