• Hardy chrysanthemums – for indoors?

    Are the hardy mums available in grocery stores annuals?  Can they be grown indoors

  • Pandanus Veitchii

    Hi: I have written to you a few times about my Pandanus Veitchii Plant. I placed it outside in June for 4 weeks but when the nights and a few days were colder, I brought it back in. I am wondering ...

  • Growing Guava

    Where can I find guava seeds or leaves? I wish to grow the plant.

  • Cuttings of Crown of Thorns plant

    Howdy, I recently cut some branches of my crown of thorns plant and I'd like the cuttings to grow roots...previously I've done this just by sticking the cutting in a cup with water, but this time I don't know if ...

  • String of pearls -Senecio rowleyanus

    Looking for anyone that share string of pearl and variegated one.

  • Pruning a Jade Plant

    Hello I have a Jade plant that is very important to me. It is an indoor plant. We do not get much sun indoors so I have been putting it out on my balcony lately. It has long hanging branches ...

  • Very unusual shrub?

    I picked up this ( I believe it is a shrub) from a Toronto flower shop with no identifiable information in it. The sellers did not know either. It ...

  • Planting Lantana Standards

    I have purchased new planters with a water reservoir system(Mayne brand). U Tube has suggestions for filling the cavity with a first layer of chunky pine bark mulch,then potting soil, lastly more pine bark mulch. My Lantanas will be living in ...

  • Changed location for houseplants a problem????

    I recently installed heat-reducing semitranslucent blinds in my apartment and had to move the several plants which had long been on the windowsills to tables about 6 inches back from their previous location to accommodate the new blinds. I am ...

  • What type of tree is this?

    Hello. I was hoping you could help me identify this type of indoor tree.

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