• Azaleas

    Can I plant a store bought indoor azalea outside in Toronto?

  • Help with plant

    I inherited the enclosed plant. It used to have leaves on the top off the stem that fell off . could you name this plant & tell me how to manage it, should I cut the stem?

  • low light indoor climber

    Looking for an indoor plant in our north-facing bathroom. Ideally a climber, but we'd consider a plant that would eventually grow larger. Thank you!

  • wilting bougainvillea

    My Bougianvillea wilts in the sun. third floor apartment patio full sun for about 4-6 hours potted plastic container sits on a table I water when needed but not too much fertilize once every 2 months in the summer I've had the plant for about 1 yr. It's ...

  • Murraya Koenigii

    Hi, I am looking a Murraya Koenigii (curry leaf )plant or seeds. Please tell me where i can get. I am looking from long time. Please i appreeciate if response to my request. Thanks

  • Mold in bag of plant soil

    I left a bag of potting soil in the sun for a month.  When I opened it there was mold on the soil.  Is it still safe to use the soil for houseplants?

  • Kalanchoe

    I have been successful in growing and blooming kalanchoe from cuttings but they grow tall. How do I make it grow shorter and compact with more branches? These are ones I planted last summer and have been sitting in my ...

  • Pollinators

    If I am on a 6th floor, my balcony is enclosed with a bird mesh, I cannot expect flowers for a second season can I, as there are no pollinators arriving inside the mesh to sit on my plants? My ...

  • Help me save my indoor lemon tree

    I had a few indoor lemon trees.  They were in the window, getting 4-5 hours of sun.  They don't seem to get past 7 inches high then the tops turn brown and they die.  I have one left.  What should ...

  • Fern not so hot! It’s an Areca palm

    Just was wondering if you could see why my fern is looking the worst for wear.  I know humidity is a big factor.  I'm going to buy a spray ...

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