• Planting Water Lilies

    I have sprouted water lilies from seed, but have not found clay /heavy soil. Please advise what soil and planter to use for indoor water garden.

  • Fiddle leaf fig – black spots on leaves

    I think I may have overwatered my fiddle leaf. The top leaf has dark black spots. Wondering what I should do about it. I sprayed fungal spray on the leafs in case it is a fungal infection

  • Passionate plant enthusiast

    I'm trying to understand if there is a general way to maintain all types of plants. Here is the challenge I'm trying to answer... You have 100 plants of all different species. You’re in a room where you can ...

  • Red Spots (not brown) on Young Ficus Lyrata

    I recently bought a young fiddle leaf fig and it grew two new leaves but both have lots of red spots on them. It is placed in a north-facing window. Do you think it has too much light? Is it ...

  • Overwintering agapanthus

    Agapanthus: I understand they are not winter tolerant so for the past two years I have taken them indoors.  They have not bloomed since but look really healthy.

  • Air Layering a Dieffenbachia

    This is a question regarding indoor gardening. I have a rather large dieffenbachia and I air layered it in the past, like maybe 10 years ago. What I'm wondering is it too late to do the air layering again because ...

  • Clivia small bulbs

    I have a Clivia plant, I keep it indoors all year long and it blooms about twice a year. Sometimes, after the blooms, some little bulbs remain and I don't know what to do with them. Is ...

  • Winterizing Mandevilla Vine

    Hello pro`s ! I got this year a mandevilla and it is at 7 feet high. I live in Brampton, Ont.Canada, and don`t know ab.winterizing it. They say to cut down to 30 cm..2`..??? I have a basement floor ...

  • Overwintering Mandevilla in Sunroom

    How can I overwinter a mandevilla in my south facing sunroom in Niagara-on-the Lake. We keep the room around 8 degrees Celsius.

  • Black Leaves on Pilea peperomioides

    Hello. You helped me once before with my Pilea peperomioide and now I have another question. The lower (but not always the lowest) leaves regularly turn black and fall off. The plant is way too tall and ...