• Corn plant (Dracaena) leaves turning yellow at the tips

    Corn plant near window facing east. When some leaf ends turned yellow..I trimmed them correctly...but the yellow came back even more! Have very many house plants for years and never experienced this before. Is it possible, it's diseased?

  • Jade Plants

    I have two jade plants , that my mother has had for years. In the last two weeks the leaves are falling off. Leaves are crunchy as well. Can you offer some. Suggestions?

  • Overwintering Fig Trees

    A friend has fig trees in pots and puts them in his garage over winter. His garage is attached to his house. Would fig trees survive a Scarborough winter in a detached garage?

  • Maidenhair Fern

    Hello, My beloved maidenhair fern started as a little 4-inch specimen more than a dozen years ago. It has thrived steadily... until about 2 months ago. New fronds grow as usual, but now the fresh green leaves start showing ...

  • Young Hibiscus plant troubles

    I picked up a couple hibiscus plants (African rose mallow, seedlings they were 10cm tall?) at the Allen garden spring fling this year. I kept them indoors for a few weeks as they grew ...

  • Orchid

    I have raised orchids for years I have an Coel. Orchideengarten Joachim it is grown under lights, fans and humidity of 60%. Just recently just one leaf have developed this on it, does not seem to ...

  • Small Yellow Bumps on Outdoor Flowering Vine

      One of my outdoor plants - a flowering, climbing vine - started to show some tiny little yellow bumps growing on the vines and leaves. I've attached two photos. I'm not sure what these bumps are, ...

  • Cyclamen Care

    I have a large indoor cyclamen. Recently, the leaves started turning yellow and dying. The flowers that came up were all deformed. There seems to be a white film on the soil. Is there anything I can do to save ...

  • Rubber Plant

    Hi There. I am looking for a rubber plant, Ficus Elastica, for indoor. I have tried all the stores but nobody has this plant. Any idea where can I get it in GTA? Thanks

  • Stubborn Mandevilla

    I bought a mandevilla last summer, overwintered by pruning back and keeping in a cooler but sunny window, hardened it off before placing it in a morning sun place. Fed it fertilizer and even tried the age old ...