• Black Leaves on Pilea peperomioides

    Hello. You helped me once before with my Pilea peperomioide and now I have another question. The lower (but not always the lowest) leaves regularly turn black and fall off. The plant is way too tall and ...

  • Easter Lily

    I got a present of Easter lily plant. The shoot turned yellow and I cut the stem but I kept the plant in my garage throughout this summer now I can see little shoots emerging in the ...

  • Eugenia Topiary

    If your Eugenia topiary are already planted in the ground do you have to cover them in the winter so they won't freeze.

  • Pilea Peperomioides Curling Leaves

    Hi, I have had a pilea peperomioides plant in my home for about 8 weeks now, purchased from a local nursery. In the last few weeks, I've noticed some of the leaves (old and newly grown ones) are curling ...

  • Hoya Flowering?

      I have had a Hoya plant (see photo, looks healthy / keeps growing) for 6~7 years, started with a stem cut. But it has not had any sign of flowering. I had it indoor until about a ...

  • Schefflera Black Spots and Leaf Drop

    Hi there, I have a beautiful big Schefflera plant that I bought two months ago. It had some leaf drop which initially I thought was adjustment to the new location, but since then it has developed ...

  • Corn plant (Dracaena) leaves turning yellow at the tips

    Corn plant near window facing east. When some leaf ends turned yellow..I trimmed them correctly...but the yellow came back even more! Have very many house plants for years and never experienced this before. Is it possible, it's diseased?

  • Jade Plants

    I have two jade plants , that my mother has had for years. In the last two weeks the leaves are falling off. Leaves are crunchy as well. Can you offer some. Suggestions?

  • Overwintering Fig Trees

    A friend has fig trees in pots and puts them in his garage over winter. His garage is attached to his house. Would fig trees survive a Scarborough winter in a detached garage?

  • Maidenhair Fern

    Hello, My beloved maidenhair fern started as a little 4-inch specimen more than a dozen years ago. It has thrived steadily... until about 2 months ago. New fronds grow as usual, but now the fresh green leaves start showing ...