• Rubber Plant

    Hi There. I am looking for a rubber plant, Ficus Elastica, for indoor. I have tried all the stores but nobody has this plant. Any idea where can I get it in GTA? Thanks

  • Stubborn Mandevilla

    I bought a mandevilla last summer, overwintered by pruning back and keeping in a cooler but sunny window, hardened it off before placing it in a morning sun place. Fed it fertilizer and even tried the age old ...

  • Pruning Barbed-Wire Cactus

    This is an indoor cactus and I think it's a Barbed-Wire cactus. It had grown almost up the the ceiling when the branches began to bend but did not break. I have pruned the bent branches. Do I ...

  • Use of Systemic Pesticide – Imidacloprid – to treat mealybugs on cacti

    I have an extensive cacti collection with some almost 20 years old. They spend the summer outside and the winter they are dormant in the basement. This past winter the mealybugs got out of hand, and while I ...

  • how do i prune my Norfolk Island Pine

    Hello, My indoor-grown Norfolk Island Pine began life as a potted Christmas tree. As the tree grew, I realized that, in fact, there were 2 separate trees within the 1 pot, giving the illusion of a fuller tree for ...

  • Orchids

    I have 4 orchids that were given to me years ago that have re-bloomed several times. Last fall I replanted them since they were very root bound. I used the designed mix for orchids and terracotta pots. I ...

  • Identification of Unknown Succulent

    This plant was donated to our greenhouse on campus. I am not sure what kind of succulent it is and I've tried identification apps, but they don't come up with the same plant.

  • Hibiscus

    Hello, I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Can I grow a hibiscus plant outside? If so, which variety would be the best and where can I purchase it? Thank you, Lina.

  • Tree Fern

    Saw a show from the UK "Escape to the Country" They had a magnificent row of very tall tree ferns. Can we grow them here or in PEI? Many thanks for your helpl

  • Ficus House Plant

    Hi there. I believe I have a ficus tree which I’ve had in my apartment for years. Last summer I put it out on my balcony and it flourished. So this year I did the same thing. We’ve ...