• Spider mites on Gardenia

    I have a gardenia that I brought indoors after spending the summer outdoors. Now I noticed some webbing with tiny little bugs that look like beige or taupe dots on the flowers and leaves of her plant. What are they and ...

  • Spider Plant propagation

      I have a spider plant and I am trying to root a runner. It pops out of the soil. What should I do?

  • Yellow Leaves on Easter Cactus

    I have an Easter Cactus.  The leaves are going yellow and the soil is dry.

  • Sticky droplets from orchid buds

    I have sticky droplets falling from my moth orchid buds - what is this and how do I stop it?  

  • Juniper Bonsai Tree

    I have a Juniper Bonsai Tree & we've had it for some time & it was fine but now it seems to be starting to dry out for some reason.  We're watering as we were before.  It's still green but ...

  • Variegated Pink Lemon Plant flowers, but won’t fruit

    I have a variegated pink lemon plant which is kept outdoors in the warm months and brought indoors for the winter. I live in Toronto. It flowers prolifically, but never fruits. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • White spots on Orchid soil

    There are white spots in the soil and on the roots of my moth orchid?  What are they and how do I get rid of them?

  • Sourcing Clivia seeds

    Do you know of a Canadian source to purchase clivia seeds ?

  • Repotting Cactus

    How do I re-pot a cactus?  

  • To prune or not to prune solanum

    Last fall, I brought in 2 solarum standards and placed them in a south facing patio door. About 9 weeks ago, they were not watered when I went away. Most of the leaves died. While all the main branches have ...