• Repotting Anthurium

    My anthurium seems to have roots on top of the soil. Should I repot or just cover the roots with more soil.

  • Indoor Weeping Fig is dropping its leaves

    My weeping fig is diseased. Its leaves are turning yellow and falling off. They will drop off if touched. There is a white, waxy substance at the base of each leaf. What should I do?    

  • Houseplants to grow in low light basement

    I have a planter in the basement and would like to put live plants in it. There are pot lights but no window light and no opportunity to add other lighting. What can you suggest?  

  • Gardenia

    I have a grafted gardenia which develops many flower blooms; however, they do not open. The plant is wintering inside in a west facing window. The room is kept at a fairly cool temperature. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank-you.

  • Yellowed leaves on an indoor gardenia

    I have a gardenia that I have been growing indoors and out for 2 years. this year it has suffered from copious yellowing of the leaves and some leaf drop. I know that we have had a very dark November ...

  • Hellebores indoors

    I have a hellebore in a pot in my unheated garage and it has had flower buds for about two weeks. Can I bring it into the house to enjoy the flowers? (Toronto, Jan. 25th)

  • Aerial roots on Orchid

    The roots from my orchids are growing outside the pot....i've never had orchids before and don't know if I should cut them off? poke them back in the soil?? or just ...

  • Poinsettias reflowering

    How can I keep a poinsettia for next Christmas?

  • Winter care for hanging ferns

    I just brought my hanging ferns in to the basement, which stays around 60 degrees F (16 degrees C) during winter, and the ferns will get some indirect sunlight. What are some tips for keeping them healthy in the basement? How ...

  • Overwintering ferns

    I am keeping my ferns in the basement for the winter. Should I trim the ferns back while inside during the winter?