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    Can I use softened water on houseplants?

  • African violet

    I’ve raised my African violet since it was a leaf.  It is vibrantly healthy, with 14 leaves in a nice symmetrical arrangement, the largest of which are about 1.5 inches (4 cm) inches across. I can see 15 smaller leaves ...

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    Should I repot my 5-year old peace lily or leave it alone?  I water it once a week and it is doing well.

  • Watering peace lily

    I water my peace lily sparingly, but the leaves turn brown (I wonder if it is too much water or any other disease) Is it better to let it dry before watering again?  Do you have general hints on how ...

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    I received this plant as a gift but don't know anything about what it needs.

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    How often should I water this plant? How much light does it require? Can I grow it outdoors?