• Fire Bushes

    I have two fire bushes, and I should have kept them pruned, but they grew too large, and out of shape. I hired someone to prune them back, a few weeks ago, which they did, but now there's no green ...

  • Buying a cherry tree – how to and where?

    I would like to purchase a cherry tree for my garden. Where can I buy one and what should I look for?

  • What vegetables can I plant in July?

    I have a plot in a community garden in Toronto and want to plant some vegetables (it is now July 20).  Can I plant beets now?  What other vegetables can be planted now?  

  • Growing onions from seed

    Hello,  I live in Owen sound, and have a vegetable garden. I've grown bulb onions for several years, and this year would like to collect the black onion seeds, and hopefully start them from seed next year. How do I do this?  

  • Yellow spots on Hollyhock leaves

    I work at a vineyard where we have hundreds of Hollyhocks growing.  A lot of them have yellow/orange wart like spots on the leaves aggregating outward.  The leaves eventually turn yellow and drop off the plants.  We sprayed them last ...

  • Dried white beans and basil plants

    1. Can I take some dried white beans and just plant them in containers on my balcony and will they produce bean plants?  I am just interested it doing it for decoration. 2. I have just put some basil in a ...

  • 25 year old magnolia tree

    I have a 25 year old magnolia tree that has white spots all over its branches. It has just happened. It's also oozing honeydew. I read that I should spray with water but it hasn't helped. Is there anything else I ...

  • Grape Vines

    Where can I buy grape vines in the Toronto area. I want to grow in my garden.  

  • I need a wisteria expert

    I need a wisteria expert. I unfortunately missed the opportunity to cut back my wisteria after it bloomed. If I prune now will that affect the blossoms for next year that are possibly forming now as buds?    

  • Squash bugs and blueweed

    Squash bugs are destroying my many vining plants--zucchini, pumpkins... What can I do to keep them off? I am also having trouble with blueweed, which is toxic to horses, in my pasture field.  What chemicals can I buy, not being liscened, ...

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