• Spring cleanup – perennials

    When is the best time to clean up the yard to prepare for the coming season (it is the end of March)?  I am concerned about weather conditions and new growth.  In particular, I have a variety of perennials - ...

  • Growing avocado from pit

    What is the best way to grow an avocado from a pit? I have it on toothpicks resting in water.  Should it be in soil instead?    

  • Composting Bins

    I would like to find a good composting bin in Toronto. Since the city no longer gives free ones, can you recommend the best place to get one to inspire me to make good soil?  

  • Growing Olive Trees Indoors

    Caller wants to grow an olive tree in his apartment, wonders if it is feasible to do so in Toronto, and where to get seeds/trees.  

  • Tulip Bulb Storage

    I recently purchased a package of 10 tulip bulbs at a local grocery. They are firm, no fungus or blight and have just begun to sprout (no green showing). I have a cold cellar or garage in which I can ...

  • Propagating Boston Ivy From Cuttings

    I have a cutting of Boston Ivy, from a friend.  I took off the bottom leaves, put the stem in water, and it's under fluorescent lights 24/7, along with all my vegetable seedlings. Is this the correct way to propagate ...

  • Pruning and Repotting a Tall Cactus

    I was at the TBG a short while ago and they gave me your number because you know about cactus plants.  I have two beautiful tall big cacti.  I need somebody to come and look at them and give advice.  ...

  • Pruning a Hoya carnosa

    How should I care for an old hoya plant that I have had for years?  I want to cut it back and revive it, but I don’t know where to start.  

  • Poinsettia Re-Potting

    I have managed to keep my poinsettia for at least 4 years and have had it rebloom. Is it time to repot my plant?

  • Raised Framed Garden Beds

    I would like to speak to someone who has experience in creating raised framed garden beds. It's for a community garden project. I am helping by consulting on what  to grow in the way of herbs and low maintenance plants. They've hired ...

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