• How to Bring Back the Green

    I have a question about our dog who pees on the lawn.  He has peed on the snow all winter and it's kind of damaged the colour.  He's now peeing directly on the grass and I can't tell if this will ...

  • When can I plant my vegetable seedlings outdoors?

    I have grown snow peas, cucumbers, mesclun mix and arugula from seed.  When can I plant these outdoors?  Today is April 24.  

  • Can my avocado be saved?

    My avocado  plant is around 13 feet tall and is around 100 years old - my Grandmother started it.  In the move from Montreal to Toronto about a month ago, it was put in storage for a few days and ...

  • White pines are dying

    I have 2 small white columnar pines.  One died over the winter and the second pine does not appear to be doing very well.  While the needles are still green, the tips are tinged with brown.  The top is singed ...

  • Magnolia Scale

    I have a wonderful large Magnolia tree that is probably 50 years old.  It is infested with magnolia scale.  I have tried different treatments but none have worked.  What solution would you recommend?    

  • Garden Help Needed

    I need help with my garden both front and back.  Suggestions appreciated?  

  • Unhappy Jade Plant

    I have an unhappy Jade plant that I inherited from a friend.  It's losing leaves.  It's in a sunny window.  There is a heating source nearby.  It gets watered about once every two weeks with a quarter cup of water. ...

  • Propagating Oxalis

    I have a healthy Oxalis plant and it is beginning to outgrow the pot. How do I go about propagating my beautiful plant.

  • Spring Cleanup – Perennials

    When is the best time to clean up the yard to prepare for the coming season (it is the end of March)?  I am concerned about weather conditions and new growth.  In particular, I have a variety of perennials - ...

  • Growing Avocado From Pit

    What is the best way to grow an avocado from a pit? I have it on toothpicks resting in water.  Should it be in soil instead?    

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