• Bog Garden

      I have a low point in my backyard and the newly planted plants are not doing well. What should I do?    

  • How Can I Propagate Wild Raspberries?

    How can I propagate wild raspberry plants?  I've heard you have to dig them up, is there another way? I'm planning to pull a branch and dust the tip with rooting hormone, and put it in a pot.    

  • Mini White Pine Dying

    I have a sickly mini white pine that I bought about 2 years ago. I think its dying. The leaves are turning brown but there are still a few growing. My husband planted some things in front of it. Could ...

  • Growing Hyacinth

    How can I propagate a hyacinth – thinks it’s a bulb or corm. How many pieces should he cut these into and when is the best time. I see plants on sale now in full bloom, should I buy them.

  • Hydroponic Tulips

    I received a bouquet of hydroponic tulips and I am wondering if I should dry them out and plant them in October and will they come back. Should I let them wilt in the water or take them ...

  • Flowering Shrub Recommendation

    I'd like to plant a tall, flowering shrub along the west side of my yard.  There is a 4 foot fence along that side of the property so the shrub needs to be at least that tall.  My neighbour to ...

  • Fruit Trees not Bearing

    My pear tree and my plum tree did not produce any fruit this year.  I self pollinated them, saw some fruit in June.  I came back in July to find no fruit. Is it the ground hog living in my ...

  • Potting Soil

    I purchased 'Black Earth' bags from a large grocery store, and mixed it with some of the dirt already in my pots from last season.   My flowers have not been thriving in these pots and someone told ...

  • Tree Protection Company

      We have a mature garden, but some of the plants are being destroyed due to renovation. What should we do to protect the plants during renovation / tear down of the house? Do you know of any company that can come in ...

  • Raising an Avocado

    I have an avocado that now has roots enough to plant in soil. Do I remove the 2 halves of the pit when planting?    

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