• Repotting Anthurium

    Hello, I have had an Anthurium plant since May. The roots have grown the pot and I need to repot it but I do not know what kind of soil to use. It has been in my balcony and now ...

  • Can I grow apple or nut trees here

    I have  access to 7 acres of scrub land. Can I grow nut trees in Ontario? What about apple trees.  

  • Spider Mites and winter care for young strawberry plants

    Plagued for 5 years with spider mites on indoor plants, have tried everything to get rid of them but nothing works.  Have captured a Lady Bug and put that in there about 3 weeks ago.  It is still there.  Trying ...

  • Minuscule black bugs on houseplants

    Basil plants had small black bugs on them.  The plants are done and have been discarded.  Should I throw the soil out?  I also have those same black bugs on a sweet potato vine.  I did spray it the other ...

  • Overwintering Plumeria

    Will my plumeria drop leaves in the winter and be dormant?  Should I keep it in the sun or shade?  How much should I water it?

  • Is my Boxwood sick?

    My 3 year old Korean boxwood has tips that have leafed out nicely, but there are also bare branches that appear thin.  This year, we've fertilized it and have a new watering system, so it should be doing well, but it seems ...

  • OK to eat basil once cleaned?

    I brought my basil plant inside and it has little black bugs.  I washed the leaves and want to know if it is OK to eat the basil once cleaned.  

  • How to apply burlap on a young Japanese maple for winter protection

    I have a new Japanese maple tree and want to know how to apply burlap around the tree for winter protection.

  • Pruning Clematis

    I am calling with regard to a climbing clematis vine which runs up the side of my porch. Do I cut down for winter or  leave as is. I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to cut ...

  • Cedar Hedge Turning Brown

    My Cedar hedge was planted mid-summer and now the leaves are turning brown.  I saw on your website that this may be normal in October. Is is possible that we planted the trees too deeply?  I saw on the website ...

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