• Cedar Hedge Turning Brown

    My Cedar hedge was planted mid-summer and now the leaves are turning brown.  I saw on your website that this may be normal in October. Is is possible that we planted the trees too deeply?  I saw on the website ...

  • Passionflower pests

    Hi Master Gardener, A pest issue has been a big trouble for my passion flower which is a house plant. The small black bug is so tiny and which spreads out so quickly ...

  • Pruning Forsythia

    My forsythia, which blooms very well every year, has gone somewhat wild and what I'd like to do now is to cut it back, right back down to about a foot off the ground. I'd like to know how long ...

  • Pandanus tectorius ‘veitchii’

    I was given Pandanus veitchii plant as a gift. Can I grow this plant sucessfully at work under flourescent lights or should I bring this plant home. Any information you can provide would be extremely helpful.    

  • Red Japanese Maple

    Red Japanese Maple, 25 feet tall, about 30 years old which has been beautiful and healthy until a short while ago. The leaves have suddenly acquired a whitish edge and a closeup photo of the leaf reverse shows a blemish ...

  • Fire Bushes

    I have two fire bushes, and I should have kept them pruned, but they grew too large, and out of shape. I hired someone to prune them back, a few weeks ago, which they did, but now there's no green ...

  • Buying a cherry tree – how to and where?

    I would like to purchase a cherry tree for my garden. Where can I buy one and what should I look for?

  • What vegetables can I plant in July?

    I have a plot in a community garden in Toronto and want to plant some vegetables (it is now July 20).  Can I plant beets now?  What other vegetables can be planted now?  

  • Growing onions from seed

    Hello,  I live in Owen sound, and have a vegetable garden. I've grown bulb onions for several years, and this year would like to collect the black onion seeds, and hopefully start them from seed next year. How do I do this?  

  • Yellow spots on Hollyhock leaves

    I work at a vineyard where we have hundreds of Hollyhocks growing.  A lot of them have yellow/orange wart like spots on the leaves aggregating outward.  The leaves eventually turn yellow and drop off the plants.  We sprayed them last ...

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