• Box Elder Beetles

      Ever since the removal of a large Manitoba maple in a nearby yard, we have been experiencing a massive infestation of box elder bugs. I've bought a high pressure hose to blast them away but is there anything else I can ...

  • Pollinator nest house

    How do I look after pollinator houses during the winter, and where can I buy more in Toronto. I currently have  2 on my rooftop and have just purchased one from Toronto Botanical Garden.

  • Growing roses in Iberia

    I would like to grow roses in my garden in Iberia. Will roses survive in this hot, dry climate? Most of my neighbours have artificial flowers. Do they know something that I don't? Any help would be appreciated.    

  • What is this plant?

    I go backwards and forwards along Bathurst Ave. to work every day and pass this "field of wild flowers". There is something growing that looks very  much like morning glory.  These plants are very low growing. They are in flower in ...

  • I need help, please, with my 2 favourite croton plants.

    The leaves have been dying, and dropping off, from the bottom up, one more than the other. They stand about 2' tall, and are in pots about 8" wide. I feed them with liquid plant food, and they sit in a sunny ...

  • Growing Maidenhair Ferns Indoors

    I would like to know where to purchase a maidenhair fern and how to look after it.    

  • My vegetable garden is invaded by tiny weeds

    I have a problem with my garden and I don't like to use chemicals to kill weeds. What I have in my garden are small weeds that are flat and close to the ground, with 4 tiny leaves and no roots ...

  • Starting Beet Seeds

    I have some beet seeds I'd like to plant. Should I start them inside first?  

  • Propagating a lobelia

    I'm wondering if you can propagate a lobelia from the leaves and flowers. Unfortunately, one of my plants in a container died because it was under-watered. But I do have the leaves and flowers from the other one. Could I ...

  • Rhubarb-like Plant Id

    We have a plant growing in our garden that looks like rhubarb - lighter in colour and now starting to send a shoot straight up.  Please identify this plant and let us know if it's edible.  

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