• Red Lily Beetle Control

      How can I get rid of the Red Lily Beetle?  

  • Dog Strangling Vine

    I have dog strangling vine invading my garden. No matter how much I try to pull it out I can't seem to get rid of  this pesky weed. Any tips you might have  would be appreciated. Please help.

  • Deer Resistant Shrubs Near a Septic Weeping Bed

    I live in Muskoka.  My cedar hedge was devastated by deer and has been removed.  I am planning to replace it with more deer resistant shrubs.  So far, I have purchased 3 barberry shrubs and I'm considering Snow Mound  spirea. ...

  • Is Vermiculite Carcinogenic

    Is vermiculite carcinogenic:  Should I be using it in potted plant material?

  • Help needed with soil for growing vegetables

    Planted a 12 x 20 vegetable garden this spring as well as 3 raised beds, started with existing soil, added store-bought black compost and topped with premium triple mix, now looks incredibly low in nutrients. Nothing is growing ...

  • Fig tree leaves turning brown and shriveling

    Fig tree leaves turning rusty brown, shrivelling and decaying. First noticed when I took it outside in May so brought it in and put it back out recently. It does well inside ...

  • Groundcover alternative to Periwinkle

    Can you give me some suggestions for hardy  ground covers as alternatives for a patch of  periwinkle, ideally with flowers. My periwinkle did not survive the winter.

  • Spider mites and root feeding of cedar shrubs

    Should I get professional treatment of red spider mites on my cedar trees?  Do you recommend deep root feeding of cedars?

  • Cherry Tree not Producing

    Cherry tree not producing any cherries, when it did produce they seemed to be diseased.  Sprayed tree with a spray that the nursery told me to buy, no help.  Called the Ministry of Agriculture and they said to call TMGs.

  • Germination of Tiger Nuts

    How do I germinate tiger nuts and can they be grown hydroponically? Saw a Toronto Botanical Garden video on You tube  in which Paul Zammit discussed growing Tiger Nuts, as part of a world plants series.

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