• Starting a Garden in Winter

    I am a journalism student at Humber College working on an assignment on starting gardens in winter. Can someone provide information on this particularly the benefits of starting in winter? Also, I’ve heard that fruit trees in the GTA are ...

  • How to Get My Clivia to Bloom?

    I was given a clivia plant as a gift and I think there's a technique I'm supposed to use to get it to rebloom but don't know what it is ... help!  

  • Pruning Apple Tree

    I have a 35 year old apple tree.When should I prune the tree, early spring or late winter?  

  • Hibiscus tree pests and stress

    I have two hibiscus trees that have been outside during summer for the last 2 years, and back inside the office for the winter. When back inside they have white fly and bugs, the soil is drying out necessitating watering every ...

  • Overwintering snapdragons

    I bought a box of snapdragons 3 years ago and wonder how to overwinter again this year. They have continued to flourish and even grow in some of the cracks of my stonework. Marian    

  • Air layering (apple trees)

    Air layering 6" thick apple tree branches, can it be done?

  • Fuchsia magellanica

    I saw a gorgeous Fuchsia bush in bloom at the Montreal Botanical Garden in May and would like further information about whether I could try growing one in my back yard i

  • Is it Too Late to Plant Daffodils?

    I bought some daffodil bulbs at a cheap price. Is it too late to put them in the ground? What should I do?

  • Repotting Anthurium

    Hello, I have had an Anthurium plant since May. The roots have grown the pot and I need to repot it but I do not know what kind of soil to use. It has been in my balcony and now ...

  • Can I grow apple or nut trees here

    I have  access to 7 acres of scrub land. Can I grow nut trees in Ontario? What about apple trees.  

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