• Ornametal Cabbage- Infoline

    Are ornamental cabbages and kale edible?    

  • Japanese maple dropping its leaves

    Mature Japanese maple dropping leaves each year earlier and earlier.  The tree is around 35 years old and is 15 feet high. For the past few years, some leaves start shrivelling and dropping in August.  The leaves to not appear ...

  • Mold in bag of plant soil

    I left a bag of potting soil in the sun for a month.  When I opened it there was mold on the soil.  Is it still safe to use the soil for houseplants?

  • Getting old rose shrub to bloom

    The front flower bed contains a very old rose shrub. It was over 6 feet tall and was hard pruned back to about 3 feet in November. How do we maintain the rose to bring it back to health/bloom?    

  • How can we keep weeds from regrowing?

    The backyard was cleared of weeds last fall but the roots are still in the ground. What is the best way to cover the ground to avoid regrowth of all the weeds - black plastic or other mulch?    

  • Help me save my indoor lemon tree

    I had a few indoor lemon trees.  They were in the window, getting 4-5 hours of sun.  They don't seem to get past 7 inches high then the tops turn brown and they die.  I have one left.  What should ...

  • Removing tree stump from garden

    My mother is an avid gardener and created gardens in both her front and back gardens.  She is currently unwell and unable to maintain her gardens.  The front flower bed is approximately 5-6 ft long and 3 feet deep.  It ...

  • Consolidating our raspberry plant

    The suckers from raspberries have grown out into the middle of the garden. How can we transplant these to their original location at the back of the garden?    

  • Getting rid of weeds in driveway cracks

    How do we get rid of weeds that are growing up through cracks in the driveway asphalt?    

  • Looking for a rare Begonia

    I am moving to a new home that will receive 5-6 hours of indoor sunlight and would like to grow some interesting begonias.  In particular, I would like to locate a 'Turkey Paw' begonia which my brother has had in ...

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