• Tulip Bulb Storage

    I recently purchased a package of 10 tulip bulbs at a local grocery. They are firm, no fungus or blight and have just begun to sprout (no green showing). I have a cold cellar or garage in which I can ...

  • Propagating Boston Ivy From Cuttings

    I have a cutting of Boston Ivy, from a friend.  I took off the bottom leaves, put the stem in water, and it's under fluorescent lights 24/7, along with all my vegetable seedlings. Is this the correct way to propagate ...

  • Pruning and Repotting a Tall Cactus

    I was at the TBG a short while ago and they gave me your number because you know about cactus plants.  I have two beautiful tall big cacti.  I need somebody to come and look at them and give advice.  ...

  • Pruning a Hoya carnosa

    How should I care for an old hoya plant that I have had for years?  I want to cut it back and revive it, but I don’t know where to start.  

  • Poinsettia Re-Potting

    I have managed to keep my poinsettia for at least 4 years and have had it rebloom. Is it time to repot my plant?

  • Raised Framed Garden Beds

    I would like to speak to someone who has experience in creating raised framed garden beds. It's for a community garden project. I am helping by consulting on what  to grow in the way of herbs and low maintenance plants. They've hired ...

  • Benefits of Clear vs Diffused Covering for a Greenhouse?-Infoline Question

    I would like to know what is the benefit of using clear versus diffused plastic covering on a greenhouse.

  • Storing Bean Seeds

    I've collected seeds from beans that I grew this past summer and want to use them next summer. Should I refrigerate them or keep them in a cool, dry place?  

  • Can I cut back my Pfitzer Juniper?

    My Pfitzer juniper is about 30 yrs old. It is very large and lives by my back fence. The front is healthy but the back part by the fence has died. I would like to know if I can cut ...

  • Overwintering Container Rosebush

    My miniature rose bush is still blooming.  It is in a container and I have brought it in to my condo from the cottage and set it in a sunny window.  What should I do to ensure it does well in the ...

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