• Benefits of Clear vs Diffused Covering for a Greenhouse?-Infoline Question

    I would like to know what is the benefit of using clear versus diffused plastic covering on a greenhouse.

  • Storing Bean Seeds

    I've collected seeds from beans that I grew this past summer and want to use them next summer. Should I refrigerate them or keep them in a cool, dry place?  

  • Can I cut back my Pfitzer Juniper?

    My Pfitzer juniper is about 30 yrs old. It is very large and lives by my back fence. The front is healthy but the back part by the fence has died. I would like to know if I can cut ...

  • Overwintering Container Rosebush

    My miniature rose bush is still blooming.  It is in a container and I have brought it in to my condo from the cottage and set it in a sunny window.  What should I do to ensure it does well in the ...

  • Pink Water Lilies

    I would like to know more about pink water lilies. Can I grow them in Toronto? And where can I buy them?  

  • Winterizing Hibiscus

    I was given a standard hibiscus which has many blooms on it yet to come out. It stands about 5 ft tall and is in a pot with a 12 inch height and diameter with good rich soil. Is it possible ...

  • Dying Emerald Cedars, Viburnum, and Berberis

    Hello, Several Emerald cedars planted a year ago in the spring have turned brown suddenly and died--they have been watered throughout this summer weekly. A 12-13 year old Viburnum flowered beautifully this spring, but branches have been suddenly drying up and ...

  • Fall Pruning

      Is it safe to cut a big branch off a locust tree at this time of year?  The tree is 30ft. tall and the branch is around 6ft. off the ground.  Should we paint the wound if we do cut ...

  • Seeds for Horseradish, Red Okra

    Where can I get seeds for horseradish and red okra?  I want to start plants from seed only, not from plants.  

  • Drying Bouquet Greenery

    At our daughter's wedding we had gorgeous flower arrangements from a florist and want to know if the greenery can be dried out to be put into a vase with the curvy willow.  

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