• Smokebush and Fruit Tree

    Hello I live in downtown Toronto and am looking to buy a Smokebush tree for my front yard and a fruit tree (apple) for the backyard. Can you tell me the best and affordable place to buy such trees ...

  • Mulch

    Hello; I have mulched my property for many years and the mulch is dark or red and we have had trees die. Can you recommend a place that I could find a safe eco friendly mulch? I live in ...

  • Native gardens in winter and on the roof

    Hi there, Can you suggest great winter gardens and/ or roof gardens that use native plants? I would like to visit them. Thanks

  • Epiphyllum

    Ok am looking to purchase epyphylum slips. Do you sell them and if not do you know where I can buy some. Thank you

  • Slender Sweetgum Tree – didn’t change colours or lose leaves in fall

    Hello, We recently planted 5 Slender Silhouette Sweetgum trees in our backyard. They were put in at the beginning of October. The leaves did not change colour over the last few weeks to the typical brilliant fall colours these trees usually ...

  • Pleached tree Toronto

    Hello, I am doing some research and haven't been able to find someone provides either Pleached trees or Pleaching service in Toronto area. Can you please advice someone that provides this service. Thank You.

  • Botanical Water Drink

    Hi there. I’m interested in starting my own botanical water line (water and various herbs I.e water and rosemary/water and fennel etc) Who do I need to contact here in Toronto to get the process started on this venture? ...

  • Garden Design Principles

    I’m pondering where to place some gifted mums. With some plants not responding, and some just despondent after being stressed by adjacent construction, I’d like to plan around the existing back garden in a small 10 feet area by ...

  • Aquiring Moss

    Can You please teach me , or guide my learning process in understanding the growing of moss , from aquisition , to growth techniques used and as well , if you are in Toronto , I Would like ...

  • Buying Mason Bees and Homes in Oakville Ontario area

    Hello i,m wanting to raise Mason Bees and I live in Oakville .Where can I go get the Cocoons and Homes in person and not online close to me ? Thanks

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