• Soil Testing

    I have flowers in my garden that are dying . When I have inspected the soil I can detect the odour of a petroleum solvent. Is there somewhere that I can get an analysis done to confirm the ...

  • Privet Hedge

    Where can I buy the privet hedge plant in Scarborough Ontario? Approximate cost per plant?

  • Meyer Lemon Tree

    We are looking for a Meyer Lemon Tree - do you have any in stock?

  • Where to Buy Specific Species of Rhododendron

    Hello, I would very much like to have a Loderi King George Rhododendron in my garden but don't know how to find one. Is there a garden centre in Southern Ontario (I live in Toronto) that specializes in ...

  • Field Horsetail Invasion (Equisetum)

    I can't find anything on this weed, can't identify it. Looks like a small evergreen and it has rhizomes, so can't really pull them out, they just come back. What can I do? It has spread almost a 1/3 of ...

  • Safe bee friendly flowers

    Are the annual flowers or any flowers I buy at the garden centers bee friendly? When the bee returns to the hive the nectar is useless , I’ve read but can’t find out what to look for on the plant information. Thanks

  • Mother-Daughter Gardens. A bond, a comfort and a continuation.

    My mum, really misses her garden and I'm going my best to keep her magical world alive, despite the move to a retirement home. Mum, just moved into a retirement home near me. She was responsible for creating ...

  • Composting

    where can I learn how to compost?

  • Back and Side Yards

    I have taken several pictures of my backyard, but the Kodak program on my camera is not recognized by my MAC computer, so I will have to send the pictures from my IPad separately. The back yard & ...

  • Honeysuckle

    Do you sell honeysuckle and if you don’t do you know where I can get from?