• Purchasing a pH meter

    Can you give me some advice as to purchasing a pH meter for garden testing. I have been searching the internet and see a great price range. Not sure of the accuracy of the ones in the 50-60 dollar range. Also; ...

  • How to hire a gardener?

    I have a 15 x 15 ft area in my front yard that I would like to turn into a garden.  My house is in the Upper Beaches area in the east end of Toronto.  The front yard is generally dry, ...

  • Landscaper

    Looking for a student studying landscape to design and install the landscape of the front of my house.  Are you aware of anyone who is interested?

  • I need help in all aspects of gardening

    I give up.  It is clear from 4 years of experience that I do not know how to garden.  I have planted and mostly they die.  I read, but it does not help when I buy, dig, and do whatever ...

  • Garden help

    While I was younger, gardening was less of a challenge, but now I wonder where to get help with the spading and garden clean-up. Any suggestions?

  • Location to buy herb, tomatoes and other edible plants

    Hello, I am a novice gardener. It is the first time to plant a garden with Herbs, Tomatoes, green onions, etc. My question is: Where is the best places in GTA to get quality edible plants?

  • Buy wisteria

    Hello! I would like to buy wisteria but i don't know where i can buy from, could you tell me some companies that might carry this plant?

  • Identify this flower?

    This picture was taken by my daughter in Northern California, and I've never seen anything like it. Can you identify it?

  • Drainage

    Folks I am unsure if this is the right forum for this question. We live on the North side of Davenport Rd. between Spadina and Bathurst and so have a a very steep hill in our backyard. The soil content ...

  • Woodland border garden transition to forest

    I have a cottage property near the Rideau Lakes Region.  I would like to do some container vegetable gardening on the deck as well as introduce more native plants to my property?  How can I create a nice looking woodland ...