• Bluebird lace cap hydrangea

    I live in the Toronto region and have been trying to find a bluebird lace cap hydrangea.  I unfortunately lost my only two in the garden a couple of years back.  I managed to get a subtle lilac flower.  They were so ...

  • Hardy camellia

    Where can I buy a hardy camellia?  I'm in Toronto, with sun & shade, and loam.

  • Apple Pollination

    I'm in the West end of Toronto near Bloor and Landsdowne.  I have an Empire apple tree in the backyard that gets lots of blossoms but very few apples (2-3 per year).  I don't know if this is a bee ...

  • Native Plants

    Hi there, I was just wondering where I can get seeds for the native plants in Toronto.  I am looking for some free sources as my budget is very limited.  I am open to paying for some as well. Thank you,  

  • Vegetable Growing Workshops for Beginners

    I am a homeowner in the Beaches area. I want to set up a vegetable garden in my front yard so I am looking for workshops.  Is the Top Tips for Vegetables too advanced for a beginner like me?  

  • backyard gardening

    Hi I am planning to start a garden in my backyard this year. I am new to gardening and was wondering if there are any courses/classes/workshops you offer? thanks