• Mother-Daughter Gardens. A bond, a comfort and a continuation.

    My mum, really misses her garden and I'm going my best to keep her magical world alive, despite the move to a retirement home. Mum, just moved into a retirement home near me. She was responsible for creating ...

  • Composting

    where can I learn how to compost?

  • Back and Side Yards

    I have taken several pictures of my backyard, but the Kodak program on my camera is not recognized by my MAC computer, so I will have to send the pictures from my IPad separately. The back yard & ...

  • Honeysuckle

    Do you sell honeysuckle and if you don’t do you know where I can get from?  

  • Identifying High Salt Soil and Saline Soil

    Hi. Is there a way to identify soil with high concentration of salts without tools? Is it still possible to have high salt concentration in soils in an area with high rainfall and far away from the ocean? ...

  • Stevia Plant

    Where can I buy a stevia plant in the GTA?

  • Purchasing Seedless Grapes (GK)

    Where can I purchase seedless grapevines for a home garden in Norfolk County, Southern Ontario?

  • Cherry Blossom Tree

    Hi there, Do you know where can I buy a cherry blossom tree in Toronto ?

  • How to find where to buy plants

    Hello I see a lot of questions of where to buy specific plants in Ontario and perhaps a section on Where to buy or Instructions on finding where to buy would be helpful. I looked at the Landscape Ontario ...

  • Common Hornbeam Seedlings

    I am looking for Carpinus betulus seedlings - 2 to 3 feet in height to plant a hedge here in Toronto. Do you have any recommendations?