• Mason Bee Ontario Sources

    Hi - I have bought a small mason bee house for a friend and would like to also give her some mason bee cocoons. Most sources for these seem to be in BC and I gather the bee is a ...

  • Rugosa Rose Hips

    I would like to grow and use rose hips. I have read that in southwestern Ontario Rugosa rose spread creating a nice hedge and provide hips their second year. Can you give me any information (websites for planting and care) ...

  • January Lectures

    I would like to know if the Master Gardeners are running a lecture day in January of next year at the Toronto Botanical Gardens?

  • Bilberry

    Hello, can you tell me where I might purchase fresh bilberries?

  • Bulbs and Tubers

    I was wondering where the best place to buy bulbs and tubers online from, i'm looking for more of the exotic type flowers that bloom all summer long. What are your favorite Canadian companies to order from?  

  • Designing and Building a Greenhouse

    Where would I find names of architects who are knowledgeable about growing indoor plants who have experience designing and preparing plans and specs for a greenhouse addition to my home [ southern exposure] ? thanks.

  • Putting Your Garden to Bed Talks

    Will the talks be given about the fall cleanup soon in the GTA? Thanks.

  • Grow Me Some Veggies

    I would like to pay someone to turn some seeds I have into veggies for me to eat.

  • House Plant Sanctuary

    I'd like to know if there is a place where you can bring house plants when they are too big for your place or you can not take a good care of them any more. I've had plants which were ...

  • Becoming a Master Gardener

    Please help me find out about the annual recruitment process and assessment. September is so close Thanks