• Hens & Chicks

    Where can I buy the rocks that Hens and Chicks like to grow on? Thank you in advance,

  • Locating a Wainwright Rose Plant

    hi! I was wondering if you know where I can purchase a Wainwright rose plant? I bought one last year, but this year no one seems to carry..that I can find! thanks

  • Soil Testing

    My plants (both flowers and vegetables) are in an area at the cottage with a lot of spruce and pine trees, so I assume that my soil is acidic. I have added pelletized lime. Is there somewhere that I can ...

  • Tree Protection Company

      We have a mature garden, but some of the plants are being destroyed due to renovation. What should we do to protect the plants during renovation / tear down of the house? Do you know of any company that can come in ...

  • Removing Invasive Plant

    I have had the Ontario Invasive Plant Council identify an invasive plant in my garden as chervil. I emailed a couple of photos I took - they also verified the plant's name with the Ministry of Natural Resources. But the ...

  • Hire Custom Organic Gardener

    How can I hire someone to grow me organic food from seed I provide?  

  • Bylaw- Vines and Property Line

    My neighbour who is an absentee landlord has an out of control Silver Lace vine covering her fence and now spilling over on my fence and property. Can you please tell me what recourse I may have? She is being ...

  • Privacy Screen Options for my backyard

    Hi, I live in Toronto at StClair and Bathurst area. I think the soil type is clay. I have a 25ft long x 6ft high fence on my backyard. My backyard gets sunlight from noon until close to sunset. Along the ...

  • Electronic Pest Chaser – Cherry Trees

    I volunteer at a Scout camp and have many Cheery Trees, BUT the Cubs and Scouts can not get to the fruit as the Animals get there first. Where can I obtain an Electronic repellent to hang in the trees? Thank you

  • GEM Avocado Tree

    I need to find a GEM avocado tree to plant in my green house. Can you please advise where to find it in Toronto?