• weedy sod

    If I remove weedy sod (includes coarse invasive grass) to store over the winter in a plastic bag, in the spring may I safely work it into the garden soil without reactivating the weeds? Zone 5 hot dry summers,  

  • plant spacing……….

    I am considering planting a ground cover under a thick maple tree.........ergo needs be drought resistant........and have come up with these possibilities..... * cranesbill (bigroot geranium, bevan's variety) * barrenwort (youngirnum) * bergonia * deadnettle (lamium) and what plant spacing would I need for whatever ...

  • Grass

    Hello, I am developing a smart irrigation system as my university project and I would like to ask you some questions. Could you help me, please? This system will measure the soil moisture where the grass is planted and according to the ...

  • Lawn Care

    Hi, I'm looking for a Toronto-based lawn care company that is local and interested in organic lawn care: heritage seeds, natural fertilizers and weed management products and techniques. Do you know anyone to recommend?

  • Turf problem

    I have Pythian blight and in another area of the lawn a rust that has formed on the turf. How can I get rid of I it before it destroys the lawn?  

  • Creeping Jenny (Lysmachia) has brown spots and is dying

    I am caring for creeping jenny used as a ground cover, and there is a portion thats dying, the stems are mostly still green, but the leaves are all brown, shriveled and crispy. I included a picture but i have ...

  • Violas in my lawn

    Many years ago, my garden had violas. Now they are no longer in the garden but in my lawn in pockets. I've tried pulling them out by hand but I just can't seem to get rid of them ... I ...

  • Sod webworms

    I have had lawn damage from these pests in past summers and have recently noted the moth stage. What advice can you give me to control these pests. ( i live in the Toronto thanks very much

  • Plant identification please

    Can you please tell me the name of this plant?  I saw this in Toronto near Eglinton and Bayview Avenues.  It looks like a nice ground cover so I also wanted to know how durable this plant is?

  • Groundcover alternative to Periwinkle

    Can you give me some suggestions for hardy  ground covers as alternatives for a patch of  periwinkle, ideally with flowers. My periwinkle did not survive the winter.

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