• Watering lawns in GTA: season length

    How far into the fall should we water lawn grass? The ground seemed moist this morning, when I looked at some plugs from my water measuring cups insert, as I considered watering this morning, and I postponed it until sunday ...

  • Small Front Lawn

    Hello, I just moved to a new house with a small front lawn, but the grass is not in a good condition & 1/3 is Impatiens with different colours which I don't like. Just wanted to get the lawn ready ...

  • Creeping Charlie & Herbicides

    Which is better to use for Creeping Charlie? Wipe out or Elimaweed? I am in Etobicoke. I understand it also gets rid of the grass, etc. and I would need to wait a few weeks to plant the grass seed.

  • squirrels digging up my lawn

    Squirrels keep ruining my efforts to grow a lush lawn by digging spiral-like shallow holes in the grass. Recently I raked thatch and dry patches of grass in a thin burnt part of the lawn that I intend to re-seed but ...

  • weedy sod

    If I remove weedy sod (includes coarse invasive grass) to store over the winter in a plastic bag, in the spring may I safely work it into the garden soil without reactivating the weeds? Zone 5 hot dry summers,  

  • plant spacing……….

    I am considering planting a ground cover under a thick maple tree.........ergo needs be drought resistant........and have come up with these possibilities..... * cranesbill (bigroot geranium, bevan's variety) * barrenwort (youngirnum) * bergonia * deadnettle (lamium) and what plant spacing would I need for whatever ...

  • Grass

    Hello, I am developing a smart irrigation system as my university project and I would like to ask you some questions. Could you help me, please? This system will measure the soil moisture where the grass is planted and according to the ...

  • Lawn Care

    Hi, I'm looking for a Toronto-based lawn care company that is local and interested in organic lawn care: heritage seeds, natural fertilizers and weed management products and techniques. Do you know anyone to recommend?

  • Turf problem

    I have Pythian blight and in another area of the lawn a rust that has formed on the turf. How can I get rid of I it before it destroys the lawn?  

  • Creeping Jenny (Lysmachia) has brown spots and is dying

    I am caring for creeping jenny used as a ground cover, and there is a portion thats dying, the stems are mostly still green, but the leaves are all brown, shriveled and crispy. I included a picture but i have ...

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