• Clover Attracting Deer and Rabbits?

    I am thinking that planting clover as a ground cover will attract deer and rabbits. Am I correct?

  • how to eradicate weeds

    I live in Scarborough (clay soil) and this year have been plagued with both creeping Charlie and violets in both front and back yards. Any advice on how to eradicate this would be much appreciated. Anne

  • Creeping Charlie and Violets

    I live in Scarborough, Ontario - clay soil. Due to unprecedented rainfall this spring, there has been an unwelcome massive intrusion of the above weeds in my backyard. Please let me know how I can eradicate these as they are ...

  • Goutweed barrier

    For years, we have diligently been digging gout weed out of our gardens. It gets in the roots of all our plants, spreads like wildfire and it is driving me crazy. This gout weed is coming under the wooden fence from ...


    I had ajuga doing well under a pine tree - for a few years - but then it all died away. Am puzzled..... Mind you, the pine is of course growing, now fairly tall. Could there be something about the pine?

  • Nothing but weeds

    We live in a house where nothing will grow but weeds in the backyard. We tried to overseed, we tried weed killers, we even put in new sod but we get nothing but weeds. Apparently our house is built on ...

  • Weed ID

    Hi, Please help identify this weed that infested my backyard lawn and the best way to control it. Thanks for your help.

  • Planting white clover with creeping thyme

    I would like to replace my grass with white clover and creeping thyme. Will the clover kill the thyme? In other words can you plant both together?

  • Low Ground Cover in full afternoon sun

    Hello I am looking for a low , ( 12 inch or under ) light green maybe silverish , hardy , perrenial ground cover that can take full afternoon sun . We planted a sedum last year and they all died ...

  • Pale Green Maple Keys

    Help! Do I have to remove the new pale green maple keys from the new soil so they won't germinate? We are having new sod put down. At the moment the old sod is off, the ground is levelled and new ...

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