• Groundcover alternative to Periwinkle

    Can you give me some suggestions for hardy  ground covers as alternatives for a patch of  periwinkle, ideally with flowers. My periwinkle did not survive the winter.

  • Lawn Weed Identification

    What is the lawn weed in the attached photo? It first appeared a couple of years ago and is spreading rapidly. How does it spread/propagate? How do I get rid of it? I have searched the Web without any success. Thanks for any help ...

  • Will carpet roses come back?

    At the First |Unitarian Congregation on St. Clair Avenue we had very successful carpet roses growing in a small patch at the front of our premises for several years. Last spring we had to replace them after the cold/ice storm ...

  • Determining Water Needs For Outdoor Flowers

    How does a person know how much to water outdoor plants? I have a variety, connected by soaker hoses in west Toronto, and don’t want to waste water or time. I imagine it has to do with the individual needs of ...

  • Crown gall in Euonymus

    Hello, I have a Toronto garden (part sun, ammended sandy loam, irrigated) that I planted with Euounymus coloratus several years ago. It was badly infected (and I mean BAD) with crown gall, so I have removed it...at least 250 sq. ft. ...

  • Dealing with dry shade

    I have a ravine type back yard. Three levels. The third level is very shady and dry. There is one very big tree, probably over 50 years and one pine tree. It grows lots of weeds. What should I do ...

  • Geranium groundcover

    I would like to know what this plant is: can you identify it?    

  • Ferns for shade and loamy soil

    I am looking for ferns that thrive in mostly shade, in loam. Could you tell me what variety I need and where I can buy them in Toronto?  

  • Elfin Thyme Seeds

    Where can I find seeds for Elfin thyme?  

  • Fiesta weed control – is it safe for the bees

    My husband wants to use Fiesta weed control on our lawn. Their website says its environmentally safe but I'd like to have non-bias opinion regarding it's safely for the bees, please.

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