• Chinch Bugs

    My lawn is severely damaged by chinch bugs. Is it too late in the season to apply some pesticide? What kind of pesticide do you recommend? Will Teper

  • Turning lawn into groundcover and perennial softscape

    Hi, I started removing the grass/weed from my small front yard, and will add manure and leave it fallow over winter. Would it be a good idea to cover the yard with landscape fabric to help prevent erosion, and make it ...

  • Weeds and Pests

    Hello, I am writing from Ottawa (zone 5). We bought our home last fall and found this summer that both the front and back yards had been severely neglected for many years (the previous owners were an elderly couple who ...

  • Plant Identification – Euphorbia myrsinites

    Could you help me in finding the name of this plant and if it is poisonous?

  • Herbicides

    If I applied a granular herbicide containing 2-4D, mecoprop and dicamba to a lawn this fall, would it be safe to turn over part of it in the spring and use as a flower garden?

  • Starting new vegetable bed on the exiting lawn

    Hello, I am writing from Toronto. I have created some vegetable beds already on my backyard lawn but I always removed the sod layer entirely before putting new soil and compost. Is it OK to cut the sod in flat sheets, ...

  • Small holes in my grass..no sign of grubs but there are small holes all over my lawn.

    Downtown Toronto-many black squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits for the first time. We have a dog so afraid to put cayenne in small holes. First time in 30 years that I have had these holes in my yard.

  • Lawn alternative

    I'm looking for a sort of lawn alternative. We have a large area of dirt (4 thousand square feet) that is needing coverage. We do not want to plant grass due to maintenance. We are looking for a low growing, ...

  • Ground cover on a slope under a deck

    We are on the rouge valley with a steep slope and a large elevated deck. What gound cover would survive under the deck on the slope? Rain does get through the deck above, but there is permanent shade from the ...

  • Large ant hill in garden

    We need to destroy a very large ant hill, circumference of 2 feet, height 6 inches, in a garden. Ground cover covers it. We have been using Ant Out (diatomaceous earth) and garden ant bait as well as boiling water. ...

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