• Gardening critical dates

    Are there critical dates we can use as we approach the frost? I want to make sure I turn off the water, cover the AC, and bring in the hoses before it's too late, but keep watering to nourish the ...

  • Weird fungus or something in my front garden

    The picture attached shows a fungus or mold which has twice appeared on the mulch of my front garden. Any idea what it is? It's soft and mushy if you push it.    

  • Where can I get clay

    Hi, This isn't really a gardening question, but I thought you might have some suggestions. I am building a clay oven, and so need a fair quantity of clay. Where I live, just north of the Danforth, the soil is all ...

  • grow lights or fluroscent lights and what to look for

    Hi I live in Toronto and I have some tropical flowering plants and other plants which I want to protect during winter. We have a heated basement with a bathroom which has no windows and I want to make use of ...

  • Aluminum Edging

    Hi, Is there any store that sells wide aluminum edging in original color in Toronto? Lee Valley has some in green and rather narrow, but other than that I can not find any.

  • Tomato Varieties

    Do you know of a Master List of Tomato Varieties - I'm looking for something like a grid that would provide basic information.

  • Morning Glory

    What is the name of this plant?  

  • Please help me ID this flower

    Friend lives in Toronto, this is planted on her balcony.She does not remember planting it.  

  • Crossbreeding plants

    I was looking at your website (which is good by the way!), and I was wondering if you, one of your members, or someone else you may know of can give me some advice on cross breeding plants. I have started ...

  • Transplanting

    My south neighbour complains of dampness caused inside his house due to my adjacent 23 inch high by 2 foot wide by 34 foot long, planter and plants. This whole unit and plants must be moved from south side of ...

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