• Hay Versus Straw for Mulch

    Under the perennials section at your Garden Guide link for cleaning up for fall, it states that hay can be used for mulch. Isn't hay used for horses, and straw for mulch? http://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/gardeningguides/putting-the-garden-to-bed-a-toronto-master-gardeners-guide/

  • Farmers market

    Can you confirm Someone will be at the farmer market this week and between what times? I have some more detailed questions about soils preparation and amending the soil. We had already dug 2 ft and mixed up the soils ...

  • Transporting Flowers

    I wish to take some freshly cut flowers from the garden to a social gathering. Knowing that I can refrigerate them to preserve them, how do I get them safely through the public transit system without dropping them? They must ...

  • Community Partner-Toronto Botanical Garden

    How are you a stakeholder to Toronto Botanical Garden? Who do you represent?

  • Soaker hose overwintering

    It looks like it will be below zero this week in the GTA. Should we keep soaker hoses inside over the winter, along with the garden hoses? The soaker hoses look durable, but the holes must get plugged. I wonder if there ...

  • Ibuprofen or Aspirin

    Should I put Ibuprofen in my flowers, or Aspirin?

  • Flower Identification

    Hello! Was walking the dog a few weeks ago and happend upon this very pretty (and rather small: 2 inches tall) flower growing in the crack of the side walk! Never seen a flower quite like it (picture included below)! ...

  • Becoming a Master Gardener

    To start the process of becoming a Master Gardener, I understand that I need to write an entrance exam in September. Do I have to do that BEFORE I register for one of the online gardening courses at Dalhousie? I ...

  • Small Balls on Boston Ivy Leaves

    I'm growing Boston ivy, and these small white balls have appeared on the underside of some of the leaves. Should I be concerned?

  • Remove or Leave it?

    Hello! I found this plant growing in amongst my peppers and couldn't identify it. Is not disrupting anything so I was going to let it continue to see what happens but I can't for the life of my identify it. It ...

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