• Edible Plants grown around creosote-treated hydro pole

    I have butternut squash vines growing right up against a wood hydro pole that has been treated with creosote. The plants have done extremely well and there are about 6 ripe squash ready to pick. Are these edible even though ...

  • How do florists change flower colours

      I have seen flowers in stores that are unnatural colours and would like to know what chemicals are used to do this and can it be done to still growing plants. I seem to recall seeing some chrysanthemums in Japan ...

  • Plant Identification – Crambe

    A plant has just appeared in the front garden of the co-op at 100 Merton St. (Davisville & Yonge). The garden committee has ...

  • Drying Bouquet Greenery

    At our daughter's wedding we had gorgeous flower arrangements from a florist and want to know if the greenery can be dried out to be put into a vase with the curvy willow.  

  • Herbicides

    If I applied a granular herbicide containing 2-4D, mecoprop and dicamba to a lawn this fall, would it be safe to turn over part of it in the spring and use as a flower garden?

  • Chlorinated wading pool water and drought-dried trees

    The current severe drought is making trees stressed all over the city. At Dufferin Grove Park, five younger trees have died already, and many others, even big trees, are starting to show brown leaves or bare branches. The short showers ...

  • Identifying a plant

    Can you please tell me what plant this is and would it be acceptable for an urban naturalized garden? or is it a common invasive weed? Thanks,

  • plant identification

    I'm trying to identify as many plants as possible on my property in West Hill, Scarborough. I'm surprised at how many different species there are and how difficult it can be to identify them if they are not flowering or ...

  • Pollinator nest house

    How do I look after pollinator houses during the winter, and where can I buy more in Toronto. I currently have  2 on my rooftop and have just purchased one from Toronto Botanical Garden.

  • Pruning Smoke Bush

    Hi, I just bought a smoke bush and although it does not need pruning yet, I have been reading about it so I can care for it properly. I came across one of your guides for pruning it. It says they ...

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