• grow lights or fluroscent lights and what to look for

    Hi I live in Toronto and I have some tropical flowering plants and other plants which I want to protect during winter. We have a heated basement with a bathroom which has no windows and I want to make use of ...

  • Aluminum Edging

    Hi, Is there any store that sells wide aluminum edging in original color in Toronto? Lee Valley has some in green and rather narrow, but other than that I can not find any.

  • Tomato Varieties

    Do you know of a Master List of Tomato Varieties - I'm looking for something like a grid that would provide basic information.

  • Morning Glory

    What is the name of this plant?  

  • Please help me ID this flower

    Friend lives in Toronto, this is planted on her balcony.She does not remember planting it.  

  • Crossbreeding plants

    I was looking at your website (which is good by the way!), and I was wondering if you, one of your members, or someone else you may know of can give me some advice on cross breeding plants. I have started ...

  • Transplanting

    My south neighbour complains of dampness caused inside his house due to my adjacent 23 inch high by 2 foot wide by 34 foot long, planter and plants. This whole unit and plants must be moved from south side of ...

  • Bee Removal

    Do you have any tips for encouraging a colony of bees to move elsewhere? They seem to be living under my deck. I really don't want to spray them but I'm a bit uncomfortable having them so close to the ...

  • Pond plants (and animals!)

    We have a small pond (about 3' across and about 2.5' deep) with plants, snails, the occasional frog, but no fish. We do have wildlife that drinks from it daily, which we love. Yesterday, we discovered to our dismay that a ...

  • Tree as a gift

    Any ideas on where to buy a 100 year old tree as a gift? The recommended type would be great as well. It can be anywhere from small to 6+ft in height ... I am in Downtown Toronto.

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