• Soil removal area

    Small Downtown backyard. Want to fill with limestone and gravel, so that paving stones are placed, and have potted plants. Would like to know who can take soil. Have tried the bin or bag method, however lane way cannot be interrupted for a ...

  • Hard Clay soil in a mound in my crawl space

    I have a mound of clay soil I want to level out in my crawl space, what equipment would you suggest? My crawl space is 36" in height . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • composting

    Can I put moss in my composter

  • Cherry trees did not bloom this spring (2016)

    Hi Master Gardeners, My question is about flowering cherry trees. We have a city-owned cherry tree (type unknown, the blossoms are white) on our boulevard that normally produces lovely blossoms every year. This year - nothing. The same goes for a mature ...

  • can I use this in my garden

    I have unused ceramic briquettes that is for a bbq grill, since we no longer have the bbq grill I wonder if I can put them in the garden and if they would be safe for the plants?

  • Hardiness Zones (American vs Canadian)

    When a plant tag lists the plant as USDA Zone 4, how does that translate into a Canadian Zone?

  • Super fast worms invading the lawn

    I live in downtown Toronto, around the Trinity Bellwoods park.  The other night, I heard a consistent rustling noise from the neighbour's lawn like it was alive!  It's a grassy/weedy lawn and was covered in dead leaves from autumn.  When ...

  • backyard garden

    We have a garden running around perimeter of backyard. However, we find it gets very muddy, and collects large puddles after rain. This makes dog cleanliness challenging. Is there a suggested material to place on surface of soil that might ...

  • Permaculture / Hugelkulture

    I am interested in starting a new vegetable garden and am interested in the "no dig/ hugelkulture" technique. How would I go about starting this project? Will the wood use up the nitrogen? I would be grateful for any information.  

  • Easy Composting Link?

    With the possibility of a garbage strike, I wondered if it might be timely to have a composting system, in case the strike is lengthy? Can you provide a link, with general guidelines, so the community discomfort is less of ...

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