• Companion Gardening

    Hi there, I was at the Humber Arboretum this morning for a very informative ( as always-thank you!!) lecture. I asked about a possible lecture on companion planting. I was told they had done one already. They suggested I sent ...

  • Thiamine

    Hello, I was wondering on how to make my own vitamin b complex for plants. Can one just use the prescription made ingredients or how does one go about that, thank you!

  • What should I pay a gardener?

    How much should a gardener be paid?

  • Spring Gardening Critical dates

    With the temperatures prematurely warming up, when can we begin safely mulching, and working our gardens in Toronto? I’d like to get an estimate for some things I’ve been planning to do, but I don’t wish to harm, if it’s ...

  • Plant Hardiness Zones

    I would like to find out what garden zone we live in. I think it may be 5b, but want to confirm. We are in East York, Toronto, Ontario.

  • Yard Grading

    My backyard fence line is the highest point of the yard, which grades towards the house. The back fence is one-half raised vegetable bed with peonies, a Japanese maple and ground cover to one side, and dwarf lilac, euonymus grafted ...

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    When and where do the Master Gardeners meet? I'm interested in volunteering.

  • Benefits of Clear vs Diffused Covering for a Greenhouse?-Infoline Question

    I would like to know what is the benefit of using clear versus diffused plastic covering on a greenhouse.

  • Invasive Roots in Garden beds

    Hi there, I have moved into a new house last winter and was eager to get the garden going. I built five raised garden beds and filled them with quality triple mix. While some plants thrived, others - like all varieties ...

  • Orchids

    We have had orchids growing for many years, with no blooms; can you suggest an organization for consultation and ultimately, as an 'adopter' of our plants?

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