• Surprised by Mother Nature

    I over reacted to the threat of rain and wind this weekend, cutting peonies before they bloomed. My concern is that they would bake in the sun, and droop. I’d placed adequate support around them recently to ...

  • Re perennials in poor soil

    I sent an email re city damage caused by digging on my property. They dug down ten feet and backfilled the whole hole with all sand because it is cheap and does not settle. I doubt that the ...

  • Relocating a Tree in Toronto

    Hello, I have a two year-old Turkish Hazelnut Tree that I need to relocate. I am willing to give it away to anyone interested on it, or relocate it to somewhere else. I just don't know where ...

  • Tree Fern

    Saw a show from the UK "Escape to the Country" They had a magnificent row of very tall tree ferns. Can we grow them here or in PEI? Many thanks for your helpl

  • Spring Fertilizer

    Hello, can you please advise as to what type of fertilizer that I should be using for Spring? I live in the GTA. Many thanks! Brian

  • Health Hazards?

    Good evening, I’m starting my third year of urban and organic gardening, so I’m really new to this. I’m a big advocate for organic, integrated pest management and soil life, but I’m always worried whenever I see some unknown ...

  • Please Help Identify this Plant

    I'd like to know what is the name of the plant with the red leaf. This is part of an arrangement at Bay and Dundas. The plant produce a wonderful fragrance when ever I pass by.

  • Bulk Wildflowers

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone knows a store or retail location i can buy bulk wildflower seeds for my bees, ie 250g packets or larger. I'm located out by belleville and cannot seem to find anything online.

  • Mason Bee Ontario Sources

    Hi - I have bought a small mason bee house for a friend and would like to also give her some mason bee cocoons. Most sources for these seem to be in BC and I gather the bee is a ...

  • MASTER Gardeners Technical Update in January 2018

    How do I sign up for the 2018 Technical Update? I'm a member of the TBG.  I cannot find the sign-up sheet on your site.