• Ibuprofen or Aspirin

    Should I put Ibuprofen in my flowers, or Aspirin?

  • Flower Identification

    Hello! Was walking the dog a few weeks ago and happend upon this very pretty (and rather small: 2 inches tall) flower growing in the crack of the side walk! Never seen a flower quite like it (picture included below)! ...

  • Becoming a Master Gardener

    To start the process of becoming a Master Gardener, I understand that I need to write an entrance exam in September. Do I have to do that BEFORE I register for one of the online gardening courses at Dalhousie? I ...

  • Rubber Tree Pruning

    Will pruning of rubber tree increase or lower the production? I have one hectare rubber tree six years old in Mindanao south part of the Philippines tropical climate and its planted on high land.as of now we started harvest I ...

  • Small Balls on Boston Ivy Leaves

    I'm growing Boston ivy, and these small white balls have appeared on the underside of some of the leaves. Should I be concerned?

  • Remove or Leave it?

    Hello! I found this plant growing in amongst my peppers and couldn't identify it. Is not disrupting anything so I was going to let it continue to see what happens but I can't for the life of my identify it. It ...

  • Soaker Hose for Cedars

    This August we recently planted about 28 white cedars (7-8 feet tall) in East York. Any recommended brands to look for as well what the diameter and hose length should be? We were told any soaker hose from dollar store ...

  • Dried Flowers

    Our horticultural society north of Toronto is participating in a "Trees of Giving" fundraiser in November. Given that we wish our theme to be horticultural, we are looking for advice now so we might start collecting/pressing/planning now. Can any of ...

  • Fungus on Mulch?

    Overnight the yellow fungus? appeared on new mulch under 2 similar plants. Do you know what it is and how to eliminate it?

  • National Flower

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I would like to know the outcome of the survey to name Canada's national flower. Thank you very much.