• 10 tips for low maintenance gardening

    Is the talk at College Shaw library on may 4 the same as the talk given on the same topic at Main library on May 2?

  • Sowing bee friendly wildflower seeds

    Hello I'm hoping you can help me out. I have received seeds from Feed the bees.ca. It is my intention to create a bee friendly patch in my back lane. Last summer I removed all the rubbish and non-native and invasive plants.This ...

  • Growing zone for Guelph

    I live in Guelph. What zone am I in?

  • Keeping Rats out of the Compost

    I want to restart my compost this spring after two years of not using it. I stopped after 2014 when I was attacked by flying ants when I went to the compost in the evening. I don't think the ants ...

  • Ibuprofen for Fresh Cut Flowers

    I was discarding something in my medicine cabinet, and noticed some expired Advil, which has Ibuprofen. Having seen the fresh cut carnations in a cemetary vase revive after adding some water and aspirin over a week, I wonder if ibuprofen ...

  • Hedges

    I currently have cedar trees, bushes, whatever you want to call them along the fence. They are a real pain in the neck, have very shallow roots that make raking difficult, are very difficult to trim with any kind of ...

  • Growing Moss

    We have a small approx. 200sq ft yard with lots of shade and a very compact clay soil. Unfortunately we have given up on grass because of multiple failed attempts...I was wondering where we could buy sheet or fragmented pleurocarpous ...

  • Companion Gardening

    Hi there, I was at the Humber Arboretum this morning for a very informative ( as always-thank you!!) lecture. I asked about a possible lecture on companion planting. I was told they had done one already. They suggested I sent ...

  • Thiamine

    Hello, I was wondering on how to make my own vitamin b complex for plants. Can one just use the prescription made ingredients or how does one go about that, thank you!

  • Wage for a Gardener?

    How much should a gardener be paid?