• Common Milk Weed

    I am located in southern Ontario zone 6a (or 6b not sure) and I am planting a cottage/pollinator garden. Last year I planted two different varieties of milk weed, an orange variety and a white blossomed one. My question is, ...

  • Bulk Wildflowers

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone knows a store or retail location i can buy bulk wildflower seeds for my bees, ie 250g packets or larger. I'm located out by belleville and cannot seem to find anything online.

  • Plant ID Purpleleaf Chokecherry

    Please identify this shrub growing in a sunny location. The foliage is dark green on new growth, turning to a dark burgundy in the spring, summer and fall.

  • Ornamental Grasses and Shrubs – Full Sun Hot Yard

    Oakville – backyard – 10-12 hours a day full sun – blazing hot in the summer What (if any) ornamental grasses, shrubs, flowers that are perennials do well in low grade (clay escarpment) soil and full sun all day long?

  • Trilliums coming up in October?!

    I recently planted several trillium plants (grandiflorum and erectum) that were shared from a friend’s garden. They have been planted under a large linden tree where they get early morning sun but are in fairly dense shade the rest of ...

  • Plant ID Kidney-leaved buttercup

    Hello, could you please help identify this plant? It started growing in a pot on my balcony. Thanks!

  • Emergent and Submergent Pond Planting

    When should the Emergent and Submergent plants be planted during the year into a Storm Water Pond?

  • Growing Wild Native Invasive Plants

    I am growing food for a Wild Organic Study, see WildOrganicStudy.com. Some plants like Jerusalem Artichoke, Groundnut, and Hog Peanut are plants with vines and tuber and will take over. What is a good way to grow them in a controlled ...

  • Shrub Identification Beaked Hazel Nut

    Maine, USA zone 3-4, shade, poor gravely soil. Inherited land on which previous owner from CT, USA had planted unusual species. This one has me stumped I'm pretty sure it's not native. In the 10 yrs I've been observing this ...

  • Chokecherry vs Chokeberry vs European Buckthorn

    I am trying to identify a shrub (now about 10 ft tall) in my garden. I suspect that it may be the invasive Buckthorn but find the info online a bit confusing as all three appear similar. I have seen ...