• Plants for Kawartha Lakes Area

    I would like to plant white pines, blue spruce, a magnolia tree, some rose bushes, hydrangeas... what do you advise for this location?

  • Hibiscus

    Hello, I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Can I grow a hibiscus plant outside? If so, which variety would be the best and where can I purchase it? Thank you, Lina.

  • Seed Stratification

    I am late to the game in preparing my wild bergamot seeds for planting. It's now the last week of April and I understand I should have put them in a cold moist environment weeks ago. Is there ...

  • Common Milk Weed

    I am located in southern Ontario zone 6a (or 6b not sure) and I am planting a cottage/pollinator garden. Last year I planted two different varieties of milk weed, an orange variety and a white blossomed one. My question is, ...

  • Bulk Wildflowers

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone knows a store or retail location i can buy bulk wildflower seeds for my bees, ie 250g packets or larger. I'm located out by belleville and cannot seem to find anything online.

  • Plant ID Purpleleaf Chokecherry

    Please identify this shrub growing in a sunny location. The foliage is dark green on new growth, turning to a dark burgundy in the spring, summer and fall.

  • Ornamental Grasses and Shrubs – Full Sun Hot Yard

    Oakville – backyard – 10-12 hours a day full sun – blazing hot in the summer What (if any) ornamental grasses, shrubs, flowers that are perennials do well in low grade (clay escarpment) soil and full sun all day long?

  • Trilliums coming up in October?!

    I recently planted several trillium plants (grandiflorum and erectum) that were shared from a friend’s garden. They have been planted under a large linden tree where they get early morning sun but are in fairly dense shade the rest of ...

  • Plant ID Kidney-leaved buttercup

    Hello, could you please help identify this plant? It started growing in a pot on my balcony. Thanks!

  • Emergent and Submergent Pond Planting

    When should the Emergent and Submergent plants be planted during the year into a Storm Water Pond?