• Amelanchier canadensis

    Hi, I have another question about this plant. I would like to plant one at the back of my house, south facing, full sun. My garden plot is 8 ft ...

  • Amelanchier canadensis

    Sheridan is selling this serviceberry and the tag states "plant two to ensure pollination". However on the Plants for a Future website, it states that the plant is self-fertile and flowers are hermaphrodite. If only one ...

  • Trilliums in the wild in Toronto area

    I was wondering if anybody knows where we might see trilliums in the Toronto area. Parks? Thanks

  • Native Garden for School

    Can you recommend someone that the school can hire to design a native garden at their school. There is an existing garden that is being re-located and some assistance as to where this should go would be greatly appreciated.

  • Why Not Trillium as a National Flower?

    How was the choice of the three wild flowers for our national flower chosen? I cannot understand why Trilliums aren't a choice. They are so beautiful and I consider them a part of my heritage along with wild roses. I ...

  • Tree Seeds

    Hi I am traveling to Toronto in the next few weeks and I would like to buy seeds for some of your native trees and try and grow them. Where can I purchase seeds?

  • Full shade privacy hedge non-poisonous to sheep

    Hello, our ecological farm uses sheep to cut our lawn instead of petrol.  They are a great grounds maintenance crew and even fertilize!  I would like to plant a year-round privacy hedge across the southern front of our farm house ...

  • Serviceberry Tree

    We are considering a serviceberry as a small specimen tree at the front of our house, on the north side, close to the house in average soil. It gets very little direct sun but is not deep shade. We're looking ...

  • Plant ID Anise hyssop

    I'm trying to identify a wild plant. The flowers smell like black licorice when you pinch them. I am unsure of its growing conditions besides its being in a small clearing in a forest near Thunder Bay Ontario.

  • Wildflowers and Native grasses

    We are planning to plant wildflowers and native grasses on a 44 ft x 3 ft on the south fence line of our backyard. A raised vegetable bed is already built along the east fence line. The property is in ...