• Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium suave

    I am in Toronto and this plant is taking over my raspberry patch. It is about 4 feet tall looks like Queen Anne's Lace from a distance but it does not have a "carrot looking" leaf. It is in a ...

  • Is this Bird Cherry?

    Trying to identify this bush. Grow in full sun, dry, clay/sandy soil. I am in Gravenhurst, ON (zone 4). Thank you.

  • Deerfoot as Groundcover

    I was in Burlington over the weekend and the homeowners had a plant called deerfoot. It looked a bit like rhubarb. I want ground cover for a large shady area that often has pine needles on it. Grass will not ...

  • Bark Peeling on Serviceberry

    My serviceberry is 10 years old and the bark is pealing on the old growth. Although some of the branches have died it still has lots of green leaves on the remaining branches and also has new growth from runners.

  • Controlling Common Milkweed

    Hello, I am running into a bit of an issue with the more prolific native plants in my garden and my neighbour and was wondering if maybe you or anyone of your members has run into this problem before and have ...

  • Native Honeysuckle

    I'm getting confused. I have seen information saying that honeysuckle is an invasive (explaining it's existence in the ravine systems) and I've seen at least a couple of references saying there is a native honeysuckle. For example listing as native ...

  • Amelanchier canadensis

    Hi, I have another question about this plant. I would like to plant one at the back of my house, south facing, full sun. My garden plot is 8 ft ...

  • Amelanchier canadensis

    Sheridan is selling this serviceberry and the tag states "plant two to ensure pollination". However on the Plants for a Future website, it states that the plant is self-fertile and flowers are hermaphrodite. If only one ...

  • Trilliums in the wild in Toronto area

    I was wondering if anybody knows where we might see trilliums in the Toronto area. Parks? Thanks

  • Native Garden for School

    Can you recommend someone that the school can hire to design a native garden at their school. There is an existing garden that is being re-located and some assistance as to where this should go would be greatly appreciated.