• Hydrangea paniculata (Tree)

    I have a Hydrangea paniculata that has been planted  in remembrance of a loved one since the fall of 2012. It has turned into a beautiful tree! Unfortunately, I found two major branches that cross and rub quite a bit ...

  • Perennials

    How do I help small lavender and winter savory survive Toronto winter? Thank you.

  • Rocket City Daylily (The Orange Perennial)

    I was wondering how to care for the foliage of this flower. Browsing through the Internet, the foliage are the "leaves" of the flower.

  • Astilbe plants

    I just recently planted 5 astilbe plants in the garden. I live in the toronto Beach area and these plants are planted in a semi shaded area and recieve water every other day via a water sprinkling system. How do ...

  • Identity of plant

    Can you please identify this 9 foot perennial. I planted it in 2013 or 2014 and have lost the name and source. Thank you.

  • Creeping Jenny (Lysmachia) has brown spots and is dying

    I am caring for creeping jenny used as a ground cover, and there is a portion thats dying, the stems are mostly still green, but the leaves are all brown, shriveled and crispy. I included a picture but i have ...

  • dark tine insects on my heliopsis

    Live in Huron County, ON near Stratford/ Goderich. It has been a cool and rainy summer as in much of S. Ontario. I have Heliopsis, Variegated leaf heliopsis , and a dark stemmed Heliopsis. While mosy of my garden has ...

  • Everblooming daylilies

    Are everblooming daylilies available in Ontario?

  • Plant identification

    I have a giant plant growing in my garden and I have no idea what it is. I'm concerned it is a weed and perhaps a toxic or poisonous one, so ...

  • Butterfly bush

    My 4 year old butterfly bush didn't come back this year (had one leaf), any chance of it coming back next year?

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