• Short hardy vine

    My daughter lives in downtown Toronto (Kensington Market area) and has a space 3' by about 13' between a sidewalk and a lattice fence she would like to hide. She is very busy and needs something to plant that needs ...

  • Perennial wild flower bed

    Need suggestion to plant about 3000 sq. ft. Area under trees in a sandy garden in wasaga beach. Some sunlight. Would like to have one colour low growth to look like a blanket of flowers in the trees

  • Corydalis plant

    Early spring bloomer, 8" tall, spreading. Thanks! This one has stumped me - it's from a listener to my radio show.

  • Plant design around seasonal allergies

    I'm allergic to grass and pollen. Is it possible to plan a garden around my allergies? I realize that the neighbours will do what they want., on both sides in my small west end toronto garden of 400 sq feet. I don’t ...

  • Plant ID – Butterbur

    We noticed about 10 - 15 of these 'mystery' plants have cropped up in a low, wet, shaded area of our yard in April (we are in Mississauga). They are currently about 3 inches in diameter. We are wondering what ...

  • My poor hellebore!

    Purchased a helleborus pink frost at C Blooms. It was so beautiful but is now very sad and droopy. Can it be revived? Should I put it outside until it is warm enough to plant. Please help. Thanks

  • Lupins

    I am growing lupin seedlings under lights. When can they be planted out in South East Etobicoke? Can they tolerate light frost like pansies?

  • Wall Garden

    Hello, Wonder if you can help me to build a wall garden like the one I saw last week at Allan Gardens. It was in one of the side rooms and planted with sedums, mostly hen & chicks variety. Thanks,

  • Gladiolus Garden

    Hey, Toronto gardener here, aiming for an easy perennial garden that comes back year after year.  Gladiolus is a prime choice for me (low maintenance and beautiful, and I'm in a zone 5-6 area (Scarborough). As I am frequently out of ...

  • Solomon’s Seal

    I live in zone 3, Edmonton, Alberta.  For the last 3 years or so, I have experienced puckering...then some splitting on the leaves of my Solomon's Seal.  And some have yellow veins occurring.  The problem isn't contained to one area of ...

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