• Sourcing Red and Yellow Varieties of Monks Hood?

    I live and garden in Oakville. The blue variety of Monks Hood grows very well in my garden and produce beautiful blue flowers late in the fall. I would like to add the yellow and red varieties but I am ...

  • Turtlehead

    During fall cleanup how far back can I cut?

  • Plant Identification

    Hi This plant has been there for years, flowers late in the season with extremely fragrant white flowers and this year, for the first time every, set seed. But what is it? We need to look up how to start ...

  • Moving a Garden in the Fall

    Hello :) I have a time-sensitive question and would greatly appreciate your help. We are moving within the next couple of weeks from the suburbs to the country side. We did not expect to move so I had my garden ...

  • Hostas

    Can hostas be transplanted in November?

  • Transplanting Black Eyed Susan

    I planted 1 black eyed susan 2 years ago, now I have at least 10 of them.  I want to replant them as border near my fence. Is this time of the year good for replanting or I should do ...

  • Moore Park Garden Advice

    Hello. I have just demolished a big garage in my back yard, which gives me new planting opportunities! But the soil is hard clay (I believe) and has had a garage sitting on it for 95 years. What is the ...

  • Flower Identification

    Hi...could you please help me identify this flower. Just sent a close up of the flower; this image is of whole plant. It was growing in a field on a farm near Erin, Ontario. There had been a cut flower ...

  • Hydrangea, Mop Head

    I have 2 Hydrangeas MH. 1 is just starting to bloom. The other 1 shows no sign of blooming. With the approaching frost, is there something I should be doing now to protect the plant?

  • Pink Water Lilies

    I would like to know more about pink water lilies. Can I grow them in Toronto? And where can I buy them?  

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