• i boughts tons of perennials & didn’t plant them

    just not up to it. ornamental grasses mostly on sale and impulse shopped. how can I protect them over the winter?

  • Spider Mites and winter care for young strawberry plants

    Plagued for 5 years with spider mites on indoor plants, have tried everything to get rid of them but nothing works.  Have captured a Lady Bug and put that in there about 3 weeks ago.  It is still there.  Trying ...

  • Moving and dividing hostas and lilies

    Hi, I have hostas and lilies that have outgrown their space. I would like to dig them up and move them or divide them. I am wondering when is a good time to do this? Thanks

  • Balcony Gardening with perennials

    Can perennials grow on a balcony in the Bayview Eglinton area? I want to take some bleeding hearts and a few other perennials with me when I move from a house. Thank you.

  • Rose Mallow – overwintering in a pot

    Purchased a Rose Mallow perennial hibiscus in August. Decided to place it in a large pot - about 2 feet diameter and 2 feet tall since could not decide where to plant it in our property at that time. Now after ...

  • Help me to identify this plant

    Hello, Kindly assist me in identifying this plant. Is it an annual or perennial? Can it be grown from seeds?      

  • Plant identification

    Hello, we have the following plant (picture attached) growing in our yard and we are having trouble identifying it. It blooms only in the fall.

  • bamboo for Toronto

    Hello, I would like to plant bamboo in my yard (preferably a clumping variety that grows no taller than about 3 meters), but I am unable to find it for sale anywhere locally. I assume there must be some species of ...

  • Weed suppresion

    We are in Oshawa. We have several good sized perennial beds with decent loamy soil - well amended. They got a little out of control last summer, largely because I was away during prime gardening season. This year we dug ...

  • Peony not blooming

    Three years ago I divided a beautiful heritage peony into 2 plants. I replanted them in the same garden that contains other peonies which bloom beautifully. The transplants contained 5-8 eyes each and I was careful not to plant too ...

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