• Could exhaust from a boiler system be killing plants?

    We live on one of the many narrow lots in Toronto. There is wooden lattice fence along the lot line approximately two feet away from the north wall of our two-storey house. There is a further eight feet of space ...

  • Poisonous flowers

    I would like to know if Peony flowers is poisonous. would it be just the stem or the flowers could a peony go on a cake

  • Iris producing a bud in autumn.

    We live in Etobicoke.  The iris did not produce any buds in the spring but I noticed a stem and 3 buds about 4 weeks ago. What can we do to make this iris bloom in the spring?

  • i boughts tons of perennials & didn’t plant them

    just not up to it. ornamental grasses mostly on sale and impulse shopped. how can I protect them over the winter?

  • Spider Mites and winter care for young strawberry plants

    Plagued for 5 years with spider mites on indoor plants, have tried everything to get rid of them but nothing works.  Have captured a Lady Bug and put that in there about 3 weeks ago.  It is still there.  Trying ...

  • Moving and dividing hostas and lilies

    Hi, I have hostas and lilies that have outgrown their space. I would like to dig them up and move them or divide them. I am wondering when is a good time to do this? Thanks

  • Balcony Gardening with perennials

    Can perennials grow on a balcony in the Bayview Eglinton area? I want to take some bleeding hearts and a few other perennials with me when I move from a house. Thank you.

  • Rose Mallow – overwintering in a pot

    Purchased a Rose Mallow perennial hibiscus in August. Decided to place it in a large pot - about 2 feet diameter and 2 feet tall since could not decide where to plant it in our property at that time. Now after ...

  • Help me to identify this plant

    Hello, Kindly assist me in identifying this plant. Is it an annual or perennial? Can it be grown from seeds?      

  • Plant identification

    Hello, we have the following plant (picture attached) growing in our yard and we are having trouble identifying it. It blooms only in the fall.

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