• Identification of flowering plant

    This lovely plant was blooming n a garden on Manitoulin Island. I was sent the photo but didn't know what it was - looked like a hollyhock but ??? Might you know It is truly lovely. Thanks for such a ...

  • Stargazer Lily Buds not Opening

    The stargazer lilies have these buds for 2-3 weeks now and they are not changing colour and not opening. A couple of the smaller plants have a few dried leaves. 2 of the smaller buds also dried up and fell ...

  • How to Prune Dahlias

    Where should I cut my Dahlia flower to encourage new buds? There are 2 smaller side buds next to the main flower?

  • Dying Solomon’s seal

    Hello, I am in central London Ontario on sandy soil. Over the last three years all my five very established patches of Solomon's seal have been dying off. They ...

  • Rodgersia

    We have two rodgersia plants in different parts of our garden. They are both doing well the only problem is that they don't flower. One plant did for a few years but has not in the last two years. The ...

  • What kind of flower is this?

    I don't remember planting this flower, from seed or a cutting, but I have two big batches of it. It sort of looks like a defective coneflower but the foliage seems wrong. It is growing in full sun

  • Toilet paper tubes to protect peony stalks?

    I understand that peonies don’t like excess water at “feet”. Does that include after they’ve bloomed? I’m asking since my peonies in west end Toronto have bloomed, and I’d like to make a sort of edging by placing paper tubing around ...

  • Plant ID

    Hello and thank you for your help. I am submitting a second photo to a previously answered question titled "Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium Sauve" My leaves don't seem to match Water Parsnip and none of the flowers have bracts.  

  • When to dig up a peony

    can i dig up a peonie when it is in bud ?

  • container privacy shrubs/vines/evergreens

    I'm located in Toronto. I am allowed to take over a boulevard (south facing) and wish to build a 'green privacy wall'. I can use containers (no digging in the ground) What would be a suitable plant/shrub/tree for this purpose? ...

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