• lacecap hydrangeas

    I was out in Vancouver and noticed these beautiful hydrangeas with a flat flower. Googled and found out they are lacecaps. I live in Oshawa (just east of Toronto) and would like to find and grow some. Is this a ...

  • Identify plant with flowers that smell like licorice

    I'm trying to identify a wild plant. The flowers smell like black licorice when you pinch them. I am unsure of its growing conditions besides its being in a small clearing in a forest near Thunder Bay Ontario.

  • Common Name/Scientific Name

    Please advise me what is the name of the plant noted in this picture. When to plant this bulb.

  • Hardy chrysanthemums – for indoors?

    Are the hardy mums available in grocery stores annuals?  Can they be grown indoors

  • Plant Identification – Perennials/Fall Bulbs

    I have asked this question before and just realized that the answers are posted to your site. I do not remember what I stated in the email..... so don't know how to search for the answer.

  • Sunflowers to halt invasive bamboo?

    Hello, several years ago, our neighbor planted running bamboo. Needless to say, it is now running across our property. Since sunflowers are hard on "all grasses" according to what I've read on your website, do you think if I purchase ...

  • Winter protection for Japanese anemone?

    I've been growing 'Honorine Jobert' in part sun in a sheltered spot for ten years in downtown Toronto. They came back every spring--sturdy and 4 feet tall! Then the entire patch (about 5 plants) didn't make it through the winter. ...

  • Identifying a plant

    Can you please tell me what plant this is and would it be acceptable for an urban naturalized garden? or is it a common invasive weed? Thanks,

  • Hosta Search

    I'm trying to find a hosta that has huge leaves and grows in a flower shape as opposed to water fall and has a lot of white on the outer edges. Mostly white is preferable so you can see it ...

  • Solomon’s Seal

    Please help me to identify the name of this plant. I think it can be planted as a bulb in Fall? It blooms in the Spring- white flowers which hangs somewhat like the bleeding heart plant. I have one plant in my ...

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