• Plant ID Assist

    Hello, There is yet one more plant that has appeared in the garden we have moved to in downtown Toronto. This perennial gets large (about 2.5 feet tall and 3 feet wide). While it tolerates full sun, it most certainly does not ...

  • Anemone plant ID?

    This plant has been growing in a shaded corner in the back of the garden that we moved into last year. Today I noticed that it has bloomed. What a nice surprise! Can you help me identify what it is? I ...

  • Carnations

    Would carnations survive Toronto winter? Thank you.

  • Growing Hostas in Canada

    I have just returned to the u.k. after visiting a friend who lives near Guelph in Ontario. I was amazed by the size and quality of hostas in most gardens. There was no evidence of slugs. In the u.k. I ...

  • Hydrangea paniculata (Tree)

    I have a Hydrangea paniculata that has been planted  in remembrance of a loved one since the fall of 2012. It has turned into a beautiful tree! Unfortunately, I found two major branches that cross and rub quite a bit ...

  • Perennials

    How do I help small lavender and winter savory survive Toronto winter? Thank you.

  • Rocket City Daylily (The Orange Perennial)

    I was wondering how to care for the foliage of this flower. Browsing through the Internet, the foliage are the "leaves" of the flower.

  • Astilbe plants

    I just recently planted 5 astilbe plants in the garden. I live in the toronto Beach area and these plants are planted in a semi shaded area and recieve water every other day via a water sprinkling system. How do ...

  • Identity of plant

    Can you please identify this 9 foot perennial. I planted it in 2013 or 2014 and have lost the name and source. Thank you.

  • Creeping Jenny (Lysmachia) has brown spots and is dying

    I am caring for creeping jenny used as a ground cover, and there is a portion thats dying, the stems are mostly still green, but the leaves are all brown, shriveled and crispy. I included a picture but i have ...

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