• Plant identification

    I am looking for help with identifying this plant. It is newly emerging (mid April) in a garden bed in Toronto, Ontario. There are many of them, concentrated in one area. The bed is in partial shade under ...

  • Tall, Semi-shade, Long Blooming Perennials

    We'd like to add some interest to our perennials gardens. What do you recommend that is: tall semi-shade long blooming perennials thanks

  • Creeping Thyme

    Your previous answer was so impressive. It did demonstrate great knowledge. I have another questions about Creeping thyme. I would appreciate if you can answer them for me 1) What is the color of ground hugging and mounding thyme? 2) You said mounding ...

  • White Azalea Care

    Here is a picture of my 25 year old azalea. It has been in full bloom since the end of January 2018 (it is now March 25). For the last few years I've dug a hole ...

  • Helleborus

    would like to know if Helleborus can be planted outside all year around? I live in Toronto, Canada. I'm not sure if it can be, I was given the Helleborus as a gift in a pot last week and would ...

  • When and how far to trim my ‘Bombshell’ hydrangeas and Carex elata ‘Aurea’

    Hello all:  I planted "Bombshell" hydrangeas in November and now I'm excited to see them grow! My question is do I cut the hydrangeas back all the way or do I just leave them be? And do I cut my ...

  • Adding nutrients to established perennial garden

    We have a VERY full perennial garden in a southfacing position. I want to add nutrients to the soil this spring  to keep my plants healthy, without digging into the garden (I am afraid I will disturb the perennials roots). ...

  • What’s my name?

    Do you know the name of this plant? It was in a display at Toronto's Boardwalk last summer. Someone suggested it is ECHINOPS.

  • Lilium oriental hybrid

    Hello there I just bought Lilium Oriental Hybrid bulbs from Home Depot. 10/pag. It does not say it is fragrance or not. Do you know anything about them please. Here is the link of the manufacture. http://www.bulbsareeasy.com/view/plantdetails/138/35 Thank you so much

  • Helleborus

    On Friday I purchased a Helleborus at your Garden Store at Canada Blooms and I was wondering how to care for it until I'm able to plant it outside in my garden. Thank you for advice.

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