• Phlox

    What mildew resistant phlox would you recommend for part shade ?

  • Alien Invasion

      The plant in the attached picture is slowly taking over my garden. I don't know what it is, and it seems to choke out the plants I want to keep. Any ideas ...

  • Ground Cover Under Tree – Creeping sedum

    Please will you kindly tell me what is the name of this ground cover plant which has tiny yellow flowers. Also it is growing on the side of my maple tree, in the cravices and I ...

  • New Flower Bed

    I live in Brampton and my new flower bed is adjacent to the driveway facing west. It is about 3fx35f. I would like to plant perennials that are short, flowery and colorful. Could you suggest which perennials ...

  • Are Sunflowers Annual Plants?

    Is there any other plants that grows as tall? We bought our house with these unknown and exotic plants

  • Pruning Russian Sage

    Please tell me what I should do with/for my Russian sage in the fall. Do I cut it back? Do I leave it alone? Thank you for any information you can give me.

  • Plant Identification Please

    Good afternoon. I have seen a plant at the Toronto Botanical Gardens that I have been searching for 4 years. I am hoping you can identify it from the pictures attacht. It is a grass with an small interesting triangular ...

  • Plant ID- Brunnera

    I found this plant in a garden on a street. Please can I have the name of it? Will it grow in the shade and is it an annual or perennial? Thanks Lorrie

  • Plant Identification

    Hello I was wondering if someone would be able to identify this plant? It's in my grandmother's back yard in southern ontario and has been growing here for at least 25 years. It has a spotted stem ...

  • Dahlia Daytime Droop

    Hello! I'm just north of Guelph in zone 5b, with nice loam soil. My question is about dahlias. I'm growing two types of dinnerplate dahlias, Thomas Edison and Otto's Thrill, and I'm having severe problems with daytime droop when ...