• Ferns

    I live at Queen and Parliament with a good size yard for my location. I’ve tried to grow several different ferns with lousy results. Over the last 15 years I’ve enriched the soil with manure and peat and have tried ...

  • Succulents & Carpenter Bees

    I have some hen and chicks  in the front garden, south facing, sandy soil. Would like to add more succulents to the garden. Any suggestions on what will survive the winter and thrive? I remember seeing a spiral shaped succulent ...

  • Planting Perennials

    Good afternoon Toronto Master Gardeners. I just have a quick question. I've purchased a number of perennials and would like to plant them. My wife says to wait until the May long weekend but I looked up the Farmers almanac page ...

  • Is this weed or flower?

    Hello there master, May someone tell me what should I do with this guy.. I have been living in my new home since late May 2017. so far, I haven't seen any flower from this plant.

  • Lavender

    When is the best time to plant lavender in Durham rregion? What is the best evergreen to pair with it? Can it be planted in the ground outdoors? Thanks for your help.

  • Trilliums and Sharp-Lobed Hepatica

    Is it ok to now plant trilliums and hepaticas that were bought at the North American Native Plant Society sale at the Toronto Botanical Garden last weekend? The trilliums are starting to open.

  • Plants for Kawartha Lakes Area

    I would like to plant white pines, blue spruce, a magnolia tree, some rose bushes, hydrangeas... what do you advise for this location?

  • Hibiscus

    Hello, I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Can I grow a hibiscus plant outside? If so, which variety would be the best and where can I purchase it? Thank you, Lina.

  • Spring Fertilizer

    Hello, can you please advise as to what type of fertilizer that I should be using for Spring? I live in the GTA. Many thanks! Brian

  • Perennial Asters

    Should I cut the dead branches from last year off the aster clump or will the new growth come from those same branches?