• Dark spots and eaten leaves on perennials

    My plants leaves are turning dark brown and curl up; it was started from one of the purple cornflowers, then it spread to the other purple cornflowers, bee balm and hydrangea. Most of them are new plants in my yard ...

  • Transplanting wild phlox

    I have lovely volunteer wild phlox growing in my garden where I don't want them, but I have a perfect place where they would look wonderful. Can I transplant them, and if so, when is the best time to do ...

  • Ferns

    I have a new bed to plant but it is very shady. I wonder what you might suggest. I have hosta and violets on my list. I wonder about ferns. I don't know anything about ferns. Is there some you ...

  • Fern “Things” – fertile fronds

    I have been growing several types of outdoor ferns in a shaded part of my garden for many, many years.  Several of my ferns (may be only one species), produce these "things" for lack of a better word. They are ...

  • Why is my Salvia Blue Queen flopping?

    This plant is about 18 inches tall and is flopping over so that I have to stake it. Why is this happening?

  • When is the best time to move irises?

    I want to move some irises. They have finished blooming now. When's the best time to relocate them?

  • How to grow Rose Campion

    I would like to grow this plant. What does it require?

  • Old peonies not blooming as well

    I have some very old peonies growing in my yard. For the last few years, the blooms have not been as large or as many. What can I do?