• Perennials, how to encourage rebloom

    Perennials - what perennials can I deadhead to encourage re bloom, I  have daisies and many others.

  • Perennials, best time to plant and how to care for

    When is the best time to plant fall poppies, sweet marjoram and chives and how do you care for them?

  • Can I plant now in mid-August?

    I am a first time home buyer and have a nice space in front porch which I feel to do gardening. 1. My front porch is facing west, there are three place that I plan to do plant i)Two small places on ...

  • Growing native primulas

    I have grown Primula laurentiana and Primula mistassinica from seed and have several plants of both to locate in my garden. This is where I need help. Are their pH requirements about the same? How much sun exposure and need ...

  • Plant selection under a large cherry tree

    Dear Master Gardener I live in the St. Clair / Dufferin area of Toronto and have a 20-year old cherry tree in my back yard. I want to beautify and control the weeds under the tree. At present, I have a ...

  • August perennial flowers

    We have no blooms left in our part shade garden 4B zone. Amended clay soil. We need some perennials that bloom in August. Can you help?    

  • Transplanting phlox

    Can I successfully transplant phlox?

  • Ground cover(s) for shady area

    At present, there is a strip of land 14" by 70' along the lot line between my property and that of my neighbour. While the strip runs north to south, it receives only 45 minutes of sunlight because of the ...

  • Mulleins

    The attached jpeg shows four mulleins which came to visit our back garden, unannounced, and are providing a stately backdrop for the old garden chair. I do not know if you ...

  • Hydrangea not flowering

    Following up on an earlier question from someone in Ottawa with a non-flowering hydrangea which flowered beautifully last year. I have the same problem and did not prune the hydrangea at all so that is not a factor. Last year ...