• Unknown Plant

    On June08/18 the plant in the attached picture was observed at the TBG and several gardens. Can you please identify it?

  • Plant ID – yellow wild indigo

    This plant was given to me by a friend who recently passed away. This plant blooms in the month of June, is herbaceous, has spikes with yellow flowers and oval leaves.... A perennial.

  • unknown plant

    this plant has shown up in my garden in a large volume. it has broad leaves, white flowers and these green pods.

  • black eyed Susans aftercare, plus planting vegetables mid-June

    Should I cut off just the spent Black eyed Susan flowerhead, or take the stem down to the base. Also, is now a good time to plant: dill, squash and beets.

  • Identifying a garden Plant

    Hi I live in Brampton, Ontario. I have a plant that comes back every year and is almost indestructible. It has yellow flower that come out in the spring on the tips (each flower has 6 petals) I ...

  • Clematis

    Hello: I am in Ottawa. I have a clematis that looks exactly like the photos I have found of "edda", which seems to be a group 3. But this blooms early summer. It has already finished first bloom. ...

  • Drought tolerant flowering shrubs

    Please help me with some recommendations for drought tolerant flowering shrubs for my front yard. I want something that has a pretty full canopy that extends to the ground. The point of that is to block sunlight and ...

  • Weed or something else

    Last year I had 0 of these. This year I have over 50. This week finally a flower has appeared, yet I still cannot figure out what plant this is. I am usually quite proficient at plant ...

  • Rooftop Gardening

    Hello, I am attempting to grow a garden for the first time on my rooftop. I've mostly been buying plants from nearby stores but the employees never seem to be able to give advice on what will work well ...

  • Vine or Climber to Cover Concrete Hydro Pole

    Hi! I live in East York and my front lawn has been graced with an unsightly concrete Toronto Hydro pole. I wrapped chicken wire around it and had a trumpet vine growing up it which invaded the lawn, ...