• Japanese Beetles

    What cures are out there for getting rid of japanes beetles. Is a nematode treatment done in fall the only solution to kill them off? They have devoured my garden. Thanks!

  • F ruit trees

    When do you apply dormant spray on fruit trees

  • Brown Spots on Grapevine Trunk

    This spring, I planted a grapevine in a large container on my terrace in Toronto, which faces west and gets full sun from about noon. (I don't ...

  • Powdery mildew on sunflower type plant

    I purchased a plant a while ago and left it in the pot. After about 10 days, it got powdery mildew on the leaves. I sprayed it with milk/ water solution which helped, and cut off all the affected leaves. ...

  • Passionflower pests

    Hi Master Gardener, A pest issue has been a big trouble for my passion flower which is a house plant. The small black bug is so tiny and which spreads out so quickly ...

  • Snowball bush

    Hello, I live in Michigan, just north of Detroit. I had a snowball bush that was beautiful. 10 years old, in morning shade, afternoon sun; with good draining soil. This year started out just as years past, budding, leaves growing, ...

  • Red Japanese Maple

    This is a follow up on our earlier queries . We have notice this bulge on the tree and wonder if we should be concerned.

  • Scale on Eastern Redbud

    Hello. I live in London, Ontario and have an approximately 14 year old Eastern Redbud that has developed scales this season. They seem very abundant on one side of the tree and I'm guessing if it goes untreated it will ...

  • Red Japanese Maple

    Red Japanese Maple, 25 feet tall, about 30 years old which has been beautiful and healthy until a short while ago. The leaves have suddenly acquired a whitish edge and a closeup photo of the leaf reverse shows a blemish ...

  • Creeping Charlie & Herbicides

    Which is better to use for Creeping Charlie? Wipe out or Elimaweed? I am in Etobicoke. I understand it also gets rid of the grass, etc. and I would need to wait a few weeks to plant the grass seed.

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