• Apricot tree

    Why my apricot tree is dying after blooming and starting fruits?

  • Castor bean plant – leaves being eaten

    My plant leaves are being eaten Pls help.

  • Winesap apple tree issues

    Hello, I live in Oshawa, ON. We have good quality top soil here, with mulch on top, and the tree is planted in a backyard with partial shade (sun about 1/2 the day). Tree is watered frequently in ...

  • Help with Serbian Spruce

    I have a mature Serbian spruce which seems "dead" . It was alright till Aug 2017 and in Sep I noticed the lower branches shedding needles and by fall, the entire tree.This spring, no growth and seems ...

  • Yellow spots in cedar and juniper

    I live on Lake Superior near the Minnesota border. I live on an ancient Stoney beach with sparse topsoil amended in places. This is a first that my cedar and junipers have ...

  • Worms in Cherry

    Can you please help me ?

  • Mealybugs in Yew

    Hi, What is this pest I found in my evergreen? Should I worry about it? How to get rid of it? Thanks.

  • Yellowing Rugosa Rose Leaves

    Hello, what is wrong with these Rugosas? The same thing happened last summer, I added composted manure around them, and sprayed an organic foliar fertilizer, it did not help with yellowing of leaves. They still bloomed and ...

  • Huge Black Ants

    The ants have been there for years but now seem to be overwhelmingly everywhere, on the house and all over the yard. They also have developed a huge underground nest under and for several feet around the trees ...

  • White spots on Pagoda Dogwood bark

    I have 3 pagoda dogwoods in my Brampton garden. The soil is mostly clay, but has been amended over several decades with mulch and compost. The area gets sun most of the day with a few hours of ...

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