• Ailing Corkscrew Hazel

    I have had a twisted or curly hazel in my garden for about 6 years. Starting last year it began to drop leaves and did not grow much this year. There were few branches with leaves and root stock suddenly ...

  • Mugo Pine Tree

    We have a 25 feet mugo pine that is turning brown - this has occurred in the last few days but is progressing rapidly - any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.

  • Sick Crabapple Trees in Toronto

    I was away during the summer and when I returned, two weeks ago, I noticed that a crabapple tree on my front lawn (Leaside) has little foliage (it was normal in May) and the trunk has holes in it made ...

  • Black Gummy Coating on the Stems of my White Weeping Pine

    I have a small white pine that weeps over my pond that is infected with a black gummy substance along its stems. I first noticed it when I saw swarms of flies and ants on the stems that were feeding ...

  • Sick Cherry Tree

    Good morning, I live in Milton and we have some fruit tree, apple and cherry trees that are not flowering. I have taken some pictures to see if you can help us. Thank you

  • Misshapen Carrots

    In our community garden plots alot of carrots are misshapen. Our tomato plants also had brown leaves and branches after first fruit although some new growth with tomato came back.

  • Coltsfoot Colony Eradication in Food Garden

    Clay,moist soil in full sun 12'x12' area within community garden within a public park.Established x5years now solid colony of coltsfoot with deep rhizomes.Have inquired if Parks dept.could mechanically dig out for us-have not heard back .Tarping difficult due to vandals. ...

  • Black Spot on Roses

    I have a friend that has never had black spot before on their roses, and this year they have Black Spot. What can you suggest --- to treat this condition.

  • Insect Infestation

    I have a pussy willow tree that I noticed is covered with small bugs. They appear to be grow from red to brown as they age. Other insects seem to be attracted to the tree now too, I'm assuming for ...

  • Is my plant sick?

    Hi there we have a fern type tree with a new growth is this diseased? If so how do we dispose?

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