• Poison Ivy? No it is Bellflower

    Is this poison ivy in my garden bed? Is the tall flower in between the Hydrangea a weed? Thanks

  • Leaf Eater?

    Something is eating my hosta leaves and has spread to a nearby obedience plant, as well as potato ivy and geranium leaves in a planter. What is it and what is the remedy? Thanks!

  • Red Bugs on my Tree and Walls

    Attached is a picture of a red bug that is all over my neighbours tree and around her house. I now have some on my silver maple as well as starting to crawl up the walls of ...

  • Red and Black Bugs in the Calgary Juniper

    There are numerous red and black bugs on the Calgary Juniper. These are in a shade garden, sandy soil, (dirt) facing north in Toronto. What are they? Are they harmful? What should I do?

  • Coneflowers Lack Petals

    Former southern Ont resident now in zone 3. Have several clumps of Magnus or Ruby Star Echinacea. Last year some clumps (in part sun) have green cones but lack petals.  Happened again this year. Is it a virus ...

  • Jackmanii clematis

    The leaves on our Jackmanii clematis are turning black . Please see attached pic

  • Nematodes

    Question:Can you recommend a plce where I can purchase Nematodes in Toronto? Many thanks

  • Rhizosphaera Needle Cast on Spruce Trees

    I'm hoping that someone in your group could give us some advice. Our blue spruce trees (7-8 years old in zone 5 just north of Toronto) have been affected by Rhizosphera (black spots on needles detected with a ...

  • Schefflera Black Spots and Leaf Drop

    Hi there, I have a beautiful big Schefflera plant that I bought two months ago. It had some leaf drop which initially I thought was adjustment to the new location, but since then it has developed ...

  • Bindweed

    I have this very annoying weed in only one flower bed (where I added mulch). It has very deep roots so is almost impossible to dig up as even when I dig down it tends to break off. What it does is ...