• Spring Fertilizer

    Hello, can you please advise as to what type of fertilizer that I should be using for Spring? I live in the GTA. Many thanks! Brian

  • Black Rose

    Do we have a black rose?

  • Climbing Roses

    We have a very tall arbor. We'd like a pink, thornless, blooming all summer and vigorous climber rose.  Any recommendations?

  • Rugosa Rose Hips

    I would like to grow and use rose hips. I have read that in southwestern Ontario Rugosa rose spread creating a nice hedge and provide hips their second year. Can you give me any information (websites for planting and care) ...

  • Pest on Rose Plants

    Every year my rose plants get a disease. After 1st blooming, the leaves are covered with beetles and small flies all over the leaves and leaves become brown and crinkle and holes. after that rose buds are eating by those ...

  • Training a Rambling Rose up a Tree

    Hello, This past spring, I planted a rambling rose next to a tree in my garden with the intention of training the rose up it. It is located on the southwest side of the tree. I've been training three main branches: one ...

  • Wrapping Plants for Overwintering

    Hope you enjoyed thanksgiving. How tight can the weave be, if I wish to reuse fabric to wrap around roses similar to burlap? Is the material which womens' nylons are made of too tight a weave? I enjoy recycling, and that’s part ...

  • Black Spot on Roses

    I have a friend that has never had black spot before on their roses, and this year they have Black Spot. What can you suggest --- to treat this condition.

  • When to Plant Rose Cuttings

    Hi, I have some cuttings from a heirloom roses. They were my husband's father's and he passed many years ago. Just recently his Mom passed and we have a limited time to get some new bushed going before the house ...

  • Dying Band Rose

    Hello, I live in Peru and bought a band rose last year (September) and put it in a medium plastic container. It was doing well but my gardener pruned it a month ago and it seems to be dying. It has ...

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