• Chlorosis of plants

    Last year, a rose in my garden had almost white leaves with green veins. That rose did not make it through the winter. A group of seven emerald cedars are characterized by lighter coloured foliage with some small areas dying. ...

  • Ballerina rose

    Good morning, I have been trying in vain to locate the lovely Ballerina rose, preferably grown in Ontario or another cold-weather province. I have searched on line and called growers such as Palatine, Hortico, Bakker, and garden centres such as Humber, Plant World, ...

  • Roses and Freezing Temperatures

    My 4 (different kinds) of rose bushes already have lots of new shoots this spring, but now the temperatures are predicted to be well below freezing for several days next week. Is there anything I should do to protect the ...

  • Getting old rose shrub to bloom

    The front flower bed contains a very old rose shrub. It was over 6 feet tall and was hard pruned back to about 3 feet in November. How do we maintain the rose to bring it back to health/bloom?    

  • Suggestions for specialist rose nurseries?

    I am wondering if you know of any specialist supplier of antique roses.  The climbers that I purchased from Pickering Nurseries have died and I want to replace them.

  • Preserving cut roses

    How can I preserve cut roses?  I've heard you can freeze them.  

  • Roses – spring clean up

    When can I uncover the roses from the top cover of hay and bags around them and add my compost around them for a better growth? And also my daphne bush?

  • White leafed roses

    I have a white (hardware store variety) rose. In early August, the leaves started to to loose its colour. While the veins and stems remained green, the rest of the leaf was a very very pale green to the degree ...

  • Rose damage

    I planted a rose bush last year. This spring it appeared like the plant died but finally a shoot appeared from the bottom of the cane. Unfortunately this growth was accidentally broken off. Will the plant produce another shoot or ...

  • Problem with a climbing rose

    Can you please tell me what is causing this and what I can do to correct it?

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