• White leafed roses

    I have a white (hardware store variety) rose. In early August, the leaves started to to loose its colour. While the veins and stems remained green, the rest of the leaf was a very very pale green to the degree ...

  • Rose damage

    I planted a rose bush last year. This spring it appeared like the plant died but finally a shoot appeared from the bottom of the cane. Unfortunately this growth was accidentally broken off. Will the plant produce another shoot or ...

  • Problem with a climbing rose

    Can you please tell me what is causing this and what I can do to correct it?

  • Rose Grace (Auskeppy)

    Hi, I am interested in having this rose in my garden however haven't been able to find this rose in Toronto, Canada. Are you aware of where I can purchase this rose or its very close equivalent? The only place ...

  • rose bush

    My rose bush was pruned in spring has no buds or flowers.

  • Rose Bush has no Buds

    Pruned rose bush in spring before leaves, looks green and healthy now but has no flower buds.  Previously this bush had been allowed to grow wild.  

  • Will carpet roses come back?

    At the First |Unitarian Congregation on St. Clair Avenue we had very successful carpet roses growing in a small patch at the front of our premises for several years. Last spring we had to replace them after the cold/ice storm ...

  • Determining Water Needs For Outdoor Flowers

    How does a person know how much to water outdoor plants? I have a variety, connected by soaker hoses in west Toronto, and don’t want to waste water or time. I imagine it has to do with the individual needs of ...

  • Black Roses

    Hi, I'm a gardening newbie, and have always loved black roses. Do you know where I can find them in the GTA? Are they hardy enough for Toronto climate conditions?

  • Roses and serviceberry

    Hello, I am considering planting roses around the base of my Serviceberry to provide some additional visual interest in my garden. However I believe Serviceberry and roses are from the same genus - are they ok to plant together from a ...

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