• Pruning a rose bush

    I recently moved into a house in Toronto.  I've noticed a very tall and lanky rose bush in the backyard.  It desperately needs pruning however I'm concerned that I've missed the ideal time to prune it.  Is it too late ...

  • Roses Winter damage – prune or replace?

    A few of my larger and older climbing roses suffered winterkill down to their base after this past winter.  New leaves are sprouting from the base.  Will these bear flowers true to the type of rose I planted, e.g. High ...

  • Advice on Pruning my Rose Tree

    I'd like some advice on pruning a rose tree that is growing on the south side of my house against the garage.  It's a Joseph's Coat climbing rose that is about 8-9 ft. tall, reaching the top of the garage. ...

  • Winter damage to roses

    My roses are in a very sunny location.I live in Collingwood ON. Soil is loam. The roses were covered by at least 5 feet of snow. I checked them yesterday and every stem is nibbled off right to the base. How do ...

  • Roses for a beginner

    I have no experience with roses and I would like them in my front garden surrounding a blue spruce. Is there a variety that is rich in colour, has lots of blooms, and is easy to maintain?

  • Rose collars.

    I live in West Toronto.  I used rose collars and mulch to protect my roses last Fall.  The soil is sandy and I can dig in a spade depth near the roses.  When should I remove the mulch?

  • Roses – black spot prevention with dormant spray

    Hello, every year my rose leaves develop black spots. I am careful with my watering and remove the diseased leaves and also feed my roses during the summer. I would like to take steps to prevent the start of black ...

  • Growing indoor miniature roses: humidity

    I probably didn't choose the best plant for a valentine's gift during winter, by purchasing half a dozen miniature roses from a big box grocery store. Can they survive if I keep them misted by hand, and near a window, in ...

  • What to do in the garden before it snows

    I've just moved into a new house with a beautiful landscaped garden that has lots of perennials and rosebushes. What I should do to get ready for winter? Should I fertilize or cut down perennials such as hostas? Please advise.  

  • Rust on roses

    This year I did not have many good blooms on my roses and there is rust on them. What can I do about it?  

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